MCI implemented a mandatory foundation course for MBBS Students

September 13, 2019

As per the recent notification issued by the Medical Council of India (MCI), MBBS Students across the country have to appear for a one-month mandatory Foundation course.

As per the information shared by Mr. VK Paul, Chairman, MCI, this Foundation Course will help students to acquire certain soft skills including communication, empathy, and professionalism with time and experience. The foundation course will result in upgrading the medical curriculum.

As part of the Professionalism and Ethics module, this foundation course will help students to learn about disability rights, disability etiquettes while addressing patients with various disabilities along with other medical and social models of disability.

The ethics module has been made mandatory to all MBBS students of the country as the profession of doctor faces various ethical dilemmas all the time. Teaching medical students about disability rights is important to produce aware and empathetic doctors.

Students will be provided local language training to make the process of communication easy with the patients, completely depending on the geographical location of the institute.

To direct students about the care delivery system, field visits to community and primary health care centers along with detailed conversations with various health care workers, patients, and their families are also included in the foundation course.

To make the student understand the work-life balance, the foundation course has a module on sports and extracurricular activities.