MarSU Increases Capacity for Indian Medical Students Returned From Ukraine

May 23, 2023

Mari State University, a renowned institution in Russia, has taken a proactive step to provide a platform for Indian medical students who had to return from Ukraine due to Russia’s special operation in Ukrainian territories. The university has announced its commitment to welcoming and accommodating these students, offering them the opportunity to resume their medical education. This announcement has brought much-needed relief to Indian medical students who were uncertain about their future prospects after leaving Ukraine.

Last year, in a special live session hosted by Rus Education, Prof. Shvetsov Mikhail N., the esteemed Rector of Mari State University, made his announcement with an aim to help Indian students from various universities of Ukraine to transfer and continue their MBBS program at Mari State University. Following the announcement, Mari State University welcomed 500+ Ukraine returned Indian Medical Students who are presently pursuing their MBBS in Russia at MarSU.

Returnees who have completed their final medical degree from Ukraine were given the opportunity to appear for FMGE by the Indian government. While a few Indian students were able to transfer from Ukraine to other universities in different countries to continue their studies, many others have been tirelessly searching for suitable alternatives. Recognizing this predicament, this year too, on his 3-day visit to India from May 20th to 22nd, 2023, Prof. Shvetsov Mikhail N., once again made a significant announcement of the university’s plan to accommodate more Indian Medical Students who returned from Ukraine to ensure continuation of their academic program. This announcement serves as a beacon of hope for those students still seeking opportunities to continue their medical education without compromising their academic progress.

The honuorable Rector’s visit was accompanied by esteemed members of Rus Education, including Prof. S.K. Washim, the Chairman, Air Marshal Dr. Pawan Kapoor, the Vice Chairman, and Dr. Dinesh Singla, the Director. Prof. Washim expressed the active collaboration between Rus Education and several Russian universities to accommodate Indian medical students returning from Ukraine.

Prof. Shvetsov Mikhail N., the esteemed Rector of Mari State University, assured his unwavering support to Indian students seeking to pursue their MBBS program at the university. He warmly welcomed Indian medical students who returned from Ukrainian universities, allowing them to resume their interrupted MBBS studies at Mari State University.

Mari State University, one of the top universities located in Yoshkar Ola in Russia, stands out as one of the few universities in Russia that accepts Indian students transferring from Ukraine. Renowned for its excellence in medical education, the university attracts students from around the world, including a significant number from India. It proudly hosts the largest number of international students, with over 4500 currently enrolled. Among them, more than 1550 are Indian students pursuing their MBBS at Mari State University. These students not only benefit from the university’s exceptional education but also enjoy various facilities, including comfortable hostels and other amenities provided by the university.

The commitment shown by Mari State University to accommodate Indian medical students returning from Ukraine, confirms the university’s commitment to education and its relentless support for students in achieving their academic and career goals. The university ensures comprehensive facilities to all its students, and thus, the university remains a top choice for Indian students seeking quality medical education in Russia.