Global Business Expansion Plan 2023

December 28, 2022

The ability to evolve, upgrade and progress over time is essential for staying competitive. Rus Education has come a long way with this true spirit and dedication, becoming one of India’s leading overseas medical education facilitators. Recently, the organization celebrated 30 years in the overseas education industry, contributing to the successful medical careers of over 10,000 Indian students, many of whom are now working as renowned doctors in top hospitals in the UK, the USA, India, Canada, and other countries. Currently, the organization has over 5,000 students studying medicine in Russia.

Recently, the minds behind Rus Education decided to implement insightful expansion plans to achieve the organizational goals and serve the community of Indian medical aspirants by assisting them in finding their dream medical universities in Russia. The growing desire among Indian students to study medicine at Russia’s top medical universities to gain massive international exposure has prompted the company to announce new expansion plans. Rus Education’s expansion plans will be built on a commitment to promoting Russian medical education among aspiring doctors in India and making it more accessible on a larger scale.

As per the latest McKinsey Global Survey on new-business building, over 1,000 business leaders from 75 countries have agreed to the fact that business building and global expansion is their topmost strategic priority during this year of high economic volatility. This way, they will capture more market share, create new revenues, and develop new capabilities.

Going by the trend, Rus Education plans to open more offices in different countries for business expansion and increase its outreach among aspiring doctors worldwide. After bagging success by becoming a leading overseas medical education consultant in India and Russia, the company is now moving to the next level of expansion worldwide. It has already opened new offices in Bangladesh and Dubai in 2022 as part of its global business expansion plan and seeks to open more such representative offices in Africa, South America, and CIS countries. 

According to Gartner, 91% of businesses are engaged in various forms of digital initiatives to achieve a new level of growth with digital transformation after COVID-19. How has digitalization transformed strategies in a post-pandemic world?

Digitization, or more precisely, digital transformation, is no more a buzzword but a blessing in disguise for many businesses worldwide in a post-pandemic world, promising wider reach and accessibility. 

In line with its other online business processes, Rus Education will now be digitalizing its student admission processes along with the conduction of online FMGE coaching classes for the Indian students studying MBBS abroad. Digital transformation will help to build agile workflows and optimize internal processes and benchmarks such as student interaction, brand building, service and retention, and transparency and diversity. The successful implementation of these business strategies will ultimately enhance the reachability of the organization across India, including remote towns and villages. 

Student admission cycle: The implementation of the online admission process will increase the reach of Rus Education in every small city and town of the country. The initiative will help medical aspirants residing in remote locations to enroll in medical universities abroad from the comfort of their homes. After the successful rolling out of the online admission cycle for students, more aspiring doctors will be able to fulfill their dream.  

Setting up digital classrooms for NExT preparation: The establishment of digital classrooms for FMGE/NExT preparation is the next major strategy in Rus Education’s expansion plans. As the company strives to create world-class healthcare professionals to make a valid contribution to the dream of Ayushman Bharat of honorable Prime Minister, Sri Narendra Modi, it ensures to leave no stone unturned in bringing its students closer to their dream of becoming best-in-class doctors. Rus Education will now provide its students with online NExT preparation classes that will be no less than an offline classroom experience. Students would be able to interact with the lecturers directly and clear their doubts during the session.

The prediction of a global recession in 2023 by the world’s renowned economists compelled many big companies to lay off their employees. Unmoved by this startling revelation, Rus Education plans to hire more workforce? 

It’s no secret that the success of any company depends on the quality of its employees. The more experienced and skilled workforce the company has, the more smooth will be the company’s operations. Rus Education is in the process of hiring more qualitative manpower in all departments as well as for the new branch offices across the country who can work together to achieve the company’s mission and vision. The organization is already operational in 15+ states  of India and plans to open more new offices in other Indian cities in 2023. The expansion strategy aims to expand its reach in the other cities of the country and reach out to more and more medical aspirants aspiring to study MBBS abroad. 

According to the recent forecast report of RedSeer Strategy, over 1.8 million Indian students may study abroad by 2024 with a total spending forecast at between US$75-US$85 billion. With such a fascinating prediction, many multinational companies from the USA, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Australia, etc., have expressed their interest in investing in overseas education consultancies in India. Does this mean more foreign investment in this industry?

According to research, the education consultant market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.37% from 2022 to 2027, with a market size increase of $677.89 million which will certainly lead to more foreign investments. The positive success rate of Rus Education over its span of 30 years attracted the attention of many renowned companies across the globe. According to the sources, recently, a highly-reputed  US-based company announced a funding of $100 million to Rus Education to contribute significantly to the organization’s goals. Rus Education will be utilizing this funding in organizational collaborations to pave the path for NEET qualified students who fail to secure a MBBS seat in India, scholarship programs for the needy students, and so much more. 

Speaking about these global expansion plans of Rus Education, the company’s official stated, “Rus Education never stays behind when it’s about bringing out new ways to increase opportunities of MBBS for the aspiring doctors. The organization seeks enhanced reachability in India and abroad to connect with medical aspirants through the implementation of these business plans. Rather than looming over the prediction of global recession in 2023, we strive to strengthen our business operations through our critical thinking, dedication, and teamwork by expanding our business bases in India and globally. Creating online admission processes and FMGE coaching classes, increasing workforce, opening more company offices in small cities and remote locations are a few such plans of actions.”

Association with 500 small and medium study abroad companies 

The next best strategy for enhancing the success of organizational goals is the expansion of the business network. Rus Education plans to broaden its reach by partnering with over 500 small and medium-sized overseas education facilitators in India with a common motive of producing world-class and qualified Indian doctors and contributing to the dream of Ayushman Bharat of our honorable Prime Minister. The organization plans to associate with other education consultancies across the country and come up with a consolidated plan to achieve its goals. The initiative will ultimately increase the workforce and reachability of the company across India and worldwide.

Strengthening the  associations of Russian universities with Indian hospitals and universities

A few Russian medical universities affiliated with Rus Education have signed cooperation agreements with Indian universities and hospitals to launch observership programs and clinical training for Indian students studying there. Rus Education has a monopoly in India as it is the only company that has taken such extraordinary measures for the career development of Indian students studying MBBS in Russia. These partnerships will aid Indian medical students who are pursuing their MBBS degree at Russian colleges in achieving their ultimate objective of returning to India to practice medicine. Such affiliations will provide these students with fresh opportunities for hands-on experience at reputable Indian hospitals and other healthcare facilities. It gives them a comprehensive understanding of the Indian healthcare system and aids in their learning and adaptation to it.

For the last 30 years, Rus Education has been transforming the lives of aspiring doctors, helping them fulfill their dream of becoming world-class doctors. The organization has been dedicatedly working towards improving the healthcare sector of India by producing efficient and professional doctors. 

According to the WHO, the ideal doctor-patient ratio is 1:1000 and India holds a significant position with 1:854. The contribution of Rus Education to the doctor-patient ratio of India is inevitable as it has helped more than 50,000 students to realize their dream of serving their nation. The organization hopes to achieve what it seeks in 2023 through its global expansion plan and make medical education approachable to every deserving medical aspirant across the globe.