Rus Education Organised A Humble Clothes Donation Drive 2022

CSR 2022: Cloth Donation Drive
December 15, 2022

As we have stepped into December, the unwitting and harsh winter are back. For some of us, this is usually our favorite time of the year. With the blooming Marigolds and vivid Dahlias, breathtaking and lazy mornings, chirpy afternoons and cozy evenings, the season is usually a much anticipated part of the year. Winters are often considered glorious, with the sun acting for once, as a welcome friend. The season becomes even more special because Christmas and New Year is just around the corner. 

Often beginning with the Christmas bells and ending with the songs of Lohri and colors of Holi, the season is known to behold some of the best memories of many. But did you know that for a much larger number of people, the season brings along a lot of hardships, sacrifices and many times even death. 

This year itself, an NGO reported the death of 106 homeless people in the month of January Cause? Allegedly winters!

Another report of 2015 had estimated that almost 781 people die due to cold, every year. And it is certain, the number has risen up to a few more hundreds. The sad part is, there is no specific and authentic record for the same. 

The winter sky is a pall of gloom for the 1.7 million homeless people of India. As the sun hangs dirty in the sky and the world looks bleak and unloved, we somehow have learned to interpret winter through numbers, sometimes, it is AQI and PM 2.5 levels other times it’s the death toll.  

As the modern world mitigates into the wade spectrum of classifications at every level, it becomes important to lend a hand in need and a heart of empathy to ensure the true marvel of humanity is intact. 

One of the key missions of Rus Education is to fulfill the apparent demand of care for human kind. To fulfill the same objective, the team has been organizing the mega scale cloth donation drive every year since 2019. 

As a part of this drive, the team invites the aid for these people in need from fellow team members and the general public. This included the palliative woolen clothes and warm comforters and blankets.

With the belief that one can move forward only when the people around us also grow, the team once again took on the initiative and organized the mega ‘Cloth Donation Drive’ on 1st Dec 2022. 

A few weeks earlier, the team had announced the cloth donation drive and called out all the humble hearts who wish to bring a change in the life of some underprivileged people and help them in battling the harsh winters of Delhi. 

After gathering the massive donations at an unprecedented scale from various people from Delhi and outside, the team soon led on to distribute them among the people who need it without much delay. 

The team was headed by Air Marshal Dr Pawan Kapoor (Vice Chairman) and Ms Priya Malhotra (Assistant Director) who actively distributed the woolens among the elderly, children, women, etc. The drive was organized at various places in Delhi NCR following the pre-decided route. 

Various groups of people of all ages and genders joined the drie seeking shelters for themselves and their families. It was disheartening to see the conditions and suffering these people were facing. As the team started with the distribution, a jolt of hope rose through shivering bodies. 

As the team completed the drive, the realization once again dawned that it was not sufficient for all the teeth-clattering souls. Therefore, despite being a mega drive it turned out to be just a small contribution towards making the life better for at least some of those who are in desperate need. 

We thank all the kind souls who have contributed in every way to make this humble drive a success. We hope to be bestowed with the ability to serve every soul in need.