Russia is one of the most preferred destinations for higher education for students all across the world. It is one of the best educational hubs in the world. According to one of the prominent news agencies, PIE, Russia is the seventh most favored nation for higher education among foreign students. As of now, around 15,000 Indian students have enrolled in various medical and technical institutions in Russia. At least 90% of the Indian students studying in Russia have enrolled in around 20 medical colleges spread-out all-over Russia.

Recently on 24th April 2020, Russian president, Vladimir Putin signed on federal law to simplify the process of acquiring Russian citizenship. The documents related to this have been uploaded on the official portal of legal information cells. This law applies to those foreigners who are living permanently in Russia and to stateless citizens. Now it is no longer to renounce the citizenship of another country in order to become a citizen of Russia. Now the period of employment required for acquiring citizenship has been reduced to one year after graduating from a Russian university. This means any foreign student can get Russian citizenship after being employed for a year after graduating from a Russian university. Earlier the period of employment required was 3 years.

In addition to this, Vladimir Putin had signed a law in February which also allows foreign students to work while studying without the need for a permit. Hence, foreign students pursuing MBBS in Russia have a bright future in Russia and can become citizens in Russia easily. The MBBS degree acquired in Russia is also recognized by MCI. The medical colleges are also low-cost in nature thus proving to be a very viable and safe option for Indian students. In fact, Russia is the best option for low-cost MBBS for students looking to study in foreign countries.

The medical education offered in Russia is of high quality and low cost, a dream come true for any student wishing to study in a foreign nation. There is no problem in language or language does not act as a barrier as most colleges offer the course in English. The medical colleges are recognized by MCI, provide quality education, and fees structure is pocket friendly. The admission process into the medical colleges is a smooth and easy process held online and the admission criteria are not that high. Accommodation is also not a problem as the universities offer hostels and food and provide a smooth stay for the students. Students are taken properly care of by the universities and after getting their degree, they join the health sector to work for the betterment of society.

Towards this, RUS education helps students in India who are interested in pursuing MBBS to choose top medical colleges in Russia. These students after passing from the medical colleges in Russia become well-qualified doctors and provide support in the health sector for the betterment of everyone. If you are interested in pursuing medicine in Russia then visit www.ruseducation.in