5 Essential Skills To Master For the NEET-UG 2021

5 Essential Skills To Master For the NEET-UG 2021
August 16, 2021
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As the dates are getting closer to September 12, the students have paced up their preparation for the grand exam. With the dozens of heavy books for covering up the syllabus and the constant updates, here are 5 essential skills you should master for your D-Day.

1. Objectivity

Now, it is understandable that the stepwise procedures and elaborated answers are a trademark style of the board exam, but they are not very effective when it comes to the competitive exams. Instead of opting for the long reasons and answers try to shift your learning approach towards a more objective style.

For this you can start with making pointers, using flow charts, creating concepts maps etc, instead of jotting down essays and then trying to cram it up for the exam. Use of this objective approach of learning helps in covering the syllabus with precision and accuracy at same time helps in keeping the learning interesting.

Even in sitting in the exams, objectivity helps a load when answering the questions and thus giving you an edge over your competitors. Avoid indulging too much time in complex and time-consuming questions.

Tip: If it’s getting too long and too complex, leave it for later. Finish the question you find easy and are sure of, first before attempting the tedious or difficult ones.

2. Time-Management

As per the latest series the students are required to attempt 180 questions out of 200 questions in 180 minutes, ie. 3 hours. Therefore, on an average the student is required to answer each question in 1 minutes, provided he/she attempts all the questions. There are high chances that there might be many questions, which the students can answer in less than a minute and some which require more than a minute’s attention. Therefore students are required to manage their time.

Mock tests are one of the best ways to strengthen your time-management skills. The students should attempt at least 1 mock test in a day so that they find themselves comfortable while attempting the main exam and get sufficient time to answer all the questions.

Tip: Mock tests do help a lot in learning time-management. However, at the time of exam it is always suggested not to devote too much time to the question you are unfamiliar with instead save it for the question that might require you more than a minute to answer.

3. Problem-Solving

Another skill required when you sit for the final exam is problem-solving. This also includes thinking out-of the box. These skills not only help you in preparing for the exam, and the final exam but also helps you in developing your personality. It can also be referred to as an essential life skill.

The skill enables students to think out of the box and be creative. The skill is known for promoting creative thinking and strengthening decision-making power. When it comes to the competitive exam, at times, the student finds twisted questions with simple answers. However, they find it too late and hence, at times, they tend to get confused and either answer wrong or leave the question unattempted.

Tip: Try highlighting the important details provided by the question and what it required you to do. The key for this skill is frequent and vigorous practice.

4. Risk-taking

The other lesser known but extremely effective skill when it comes to the competitive exam is the risk-taking skills. No, the risk-taking skills here do not require you to do something ‘adventurous’. For the competitive exam, the skills become important when dealing with the questions. There is a high chance that the students sitting in the exam face a mix of questions. Some easy, some moderate, some difficult, some sure shots, some guesses, etc, each question can be different in many regards.

For the NEET UG, with each correct answer, you will be rewarded with 4 marks, however, for each wrong answer 1 mark would be deducted. Therefore, the students have to be very cautious when guessing. 4 wrong answers will nullify your 1 correct answer. However, even 1 correct answer among the 4 guesses would be awarding you 1 mark, balancing the 3 negative marks for the wrong guesses.

Tip: Guessing the answer in the competitive exam can be a gamble. You can either hit the jackpot or face forfeiture. So avoid making a blind guess. If you have no idea for the answer, leave the question unanswered, it is better than wasting your attempt.

5. Self-Confidence

The most important and essential skill is to have the right confidence when answering the question. Do not be under confident as you have been preparing your best for a long time. You have studied hard , you have prepared well, you are thorough with the exam syllabus and pattern and most of all you can do it.

However, it does not mean that you gloat in its abundance. Avoid being over confident. Keep yourself grounded. Frequently revisions, even if you are sure about the topic, practicing NEET UG Mock Tests, self assessment and reflection are some of the techniques that might help you in keeping your foot in the ground.

When attempting the question, try to revise the question at least twice, especially if you are sure about the answer. Not being over confident will help you in avoiding silly mistakes.

Tip: Be sure before marking your answers. Self motivation, encouragement and reflection has certainly helped in maintaining the right level of confidence.