NEET 2018: Expected Cut off for 15% All India Quota and Top Government Colleges

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August 13, 2018

NEET Examination, 2018 was conducted successfully by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) under the strict security of over 2255 centers all across India. There were more than 13 lakh applicants. However, there are only 60,000 medical and dental seats (approx.).This year, the competition is extremely high. The applicants don’t just need to qualify for the exam but also attain the top rank in the Examination. The specialists have shared the analysis report of the NEET Examination including the expected cut-off. These specialists have also shared the marks required by applicants to get a hit in All India Quota and State Quota in the Top Government Medical Colleges.

The applicants have rated Botany comparatively tough and Physics lengthy. However, in the difficulty level, most of the students have acknowledged that Chemistry was laborious of all. According to the experts, NEET Examination 2018 was easier than NEET Examination 2017.

The analysis and expected cut-off are completely based on the reactions received by the applicants who have appeared in the NEET Examination, 2018. Nevertheless, these figures given below are based on complete guesswork and may or may not differ from the actual cut-off.

The applicants who will succeed to score above the 50 percentile will be treated as qualified for NEET Examination 2018. Simply, an applicant has to rank in the first 8 lakh candidates to qualify for NEET Examination 2018.

NEET 2018 Expected Cut Off

This year, the specialists believe that the cut-off for NEET Examination 2018 would dip further. The primal reason which specialists bring up is the number of applicants who have appeared in the examination this year. The number of aspirants has marked up by 20% as compared to the last year. In addition, as we wait further for the complete analysis of NEET 2018, the tentative cut-off shared by specialists for NEET Examination is as below.

  1. NEET 2018 Expected Cut off Score for General Category (50 Percentile) – 130 +/-5 marks
  2. NEET 2018 Expected Cut off Score for OBC / SC/ ST (40th Percentile) – 110 marks

All India Quota Cut off for NEET Examination 2018 ranking according to the specialists will be around 510 – 540 marks. This refers to the marks students would have to score to get admission in the government colleges under 15% All India Quota/ State Quota for the best government colleges.

NEET 2018 Expert Exam Analysis

According to the specialists, the difficulty level of this year was easier. However, Physics was the toughest of all.

As per the various educational experts, it is observed that the difficulty level of NEET 2018 was slightly easier than the last year’s papers. Also, most of the questions were less time-consuming. Also, it is said that Physics Section was the toughest amongst the three. Also, this section was lengthy. There were about 24 questions asked from the 12th syllabus of CBSE and 21 questions were asked from the 11th standard syllabus of CBSE. The section consisted of 34 easy questions, 9 moderate questions, and 2 difficult questions. In the Physics section, there were many calculation-based questions.

The Chemistry Section was believed to be a moderate section amongst the three. This section was not as lengthy as Physics. 20 questions were asked from the 12th standard syllabus of CBSE and 20 questions were asked from the 11th standard syllabus of CBSE. This section had 24 easy questions, 20 moderate questions, and 1 difficult question. Most of the questions were based on simple concepts.

The Biology Section was the easiest section amongst the three. This section was not lengthy. There were 46 questions asked from the 12th standard syllabus from CBSE and 44 questions from the 11th standard syllabus from CBSE. This section had 48 easy questions, 33 moderate questions, and 9 difficult questions. Furthermore, this section was easier than the last year’s NEET Examination. This section had very few application-based questions. Most of the questions were directly from NCERT and were concept-based. Most of the applicants found the paper moderate and they expect their marks in the range of 350 – 400.

NEET 2018 Student Reactions

With respect to student reactions, most of the students have said that the Chemistry section is toughest when interviewed about the same. Some of the students were very surprised by the Biology section and were expecting it to be easier. One of the students quoted that the paper was tougher than the mock tests she had practiced on. In general, most of the applicants said that the paper was as they expected.

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