Inside Peek Into MBBS Study At Orenburg State Medical University

mbbs in russia
July 18, 2022

For the students who aspire to study MBBS in Russia, Orenburg State Medical University (OrSMU) is among the top of the list of universities referred to as the best for the Indian students. Over the past few years with the exposure and coddling of the international society the popularity of OrSMU has significantly increased among the younger generation of aspiring doctors.

Having set its foot in 1944, the Orenburg State Medical University has been among the top medical universities of Russia. Several groups such as Forbes Education have laid out special mention to the university in their top 10 rankings. Some of the key reasons that constitutes this university as the top draw among the Indian medical aspirant includes- affordability and quality!

The university is recognised by several statutory bodies such as World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) as well as the Medical Councils of several countries like Canada, Australia, India, etc. These recognitions further adds into the validation of the obtained degree at the university after 6 years of hard work. This implies that the acquired degree explicitly opens more doors for opportunities in various fields of medicine at a globally competitive generation.

Apart from this, being a government university of the Russian Federation, the cost of studying at OrSMU is significantly reduced without altering the quality, making it not only pocket-friendly but also the most sought after university in terms of facilitating the outstanding educational practices, opportunities and methodologies.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the life promised by the Orenburg State Medical University!

Happy, Interactive & Equipped Classrooms

The classrooms of Orenburg State Medical University facilitates a vibrant learning place for the students. With the maintained pupil-teacher ratio of 7:1, the classroom methodology focuses on understanding and applying the acquired knowledge instead of cramming up the bookish slurs. The classroom also features multilingualism and multiculturalism with a diverse set of students from many different parts of the world.

The smart classrooms feature sufficient resources to support the complete learning process of the students. The teaching methodology used at the OrSMU classroom is incredibly interactive and filled with lots of opportunities for experiment and experience with hands-on-learning.

The university constitutes a well resourceful education infrastructure to support the learning among the students and build up an overall charismatic personality of the students. The OrSMU classrooms’ exhibit a colourful and energetic learning environment for the students.

Cosy Hostels To Create Memories

The university hostels are built keeping in mind the everyday requirement of the students. The university has about 3 hostel buildings, out of which one is exclusively dedicated to the Indian students. A hostel room is shared with 3-6 students spaciously as per convenience.

The hostel vicinity is equipped with all kinds of facilities to aid the comfort of students. Such as a centralised heating/conditioning system, wifi, laundry room, reading room, and so on. The hostel rooms also have most of the requirements fulfilled, including the regular supply of the basic groceries and so on.

orenburg state medical university hostel
orenburg state medical university mess

Hygienic, Delicious & Chatty Mess

The mess facility at OrSMU is arranged for the students residing at the university hostels. The mess provides fresh, hygienic and delicious food for the students. The mess facilities are commodious and have large eating sections, where the students can gather, enjoy food and hold up discussions for their upcoming projects. 

orenburg state medical university mess
orenburg state medical university mess
orenburg state medical university mess
orenburg state medical university mess

The university also features the Indian mess facilities providing authentic Indian foods to the students, so that they can enjoy the traditional and authentic cuisine of their homes. Rus Education also continuously ensures that the food served in the Indian cuisines of the students is of the highest quality and ensures all the standards of taste and hygiene.

Opportunities To Challenge Your Potentials

With the continuous participation at the various types of co-curricular and extra curricular events, the students of OrSMU frequently get the chance to discover and involve their skills and potential to the fullest.

The students can get to explore their interest in fields like sports, arts, craft, theatre, dance, music and so on alongside studying their dream course from the top medical universities of Russia.

Recently, OrSMU has won the Inter-University Cricket Championship conducted among some of the best universities of Russia. The university and its students have a significant set of accord to showcase their accomplishments in several fields.

mbbs in russia for indian students
mbbs in russia for indian students

Integrate & Discover The Spirit Of The Town

Located in the south-western part of the Russian subcontinent, Orenburg offers picturesque landscapes, beautiful lakesides, historical monuments, green valleys and down hills of Urals and Volga region.

OrSMU arranges frequent visits for the students to discover the city, interact with the locals and have the opportunity to integrate with the spirit of the town. The university has planned to visit places like Holy Trinity Convent of Mercy, Dead Sea In The Desert, Caravanserai, The Museum of the History Of Orenburg, etc.

Prepare To Excel With The Experts

The university not only provides the competent faculties but also arranges the medical licensing coaching classes for the students for the exams such as FMGE/NExT, USMLE and so on.

For the FMGE/NExT classes, the university exclusively invites the professors and lecturers all the way from India to deliver the lectures for the aspiring students and help them in strategising with the aim to excel the Indian medical licensing exam.

How Does Rus Education Make Your Journey With OrSMU More Memorable?

Walking onto this journey of yours of becoming a successful doctor, Rus Education enables the students to make their period of study even more memorable. Starting from helping the students in making the choice of the country to the university, based upon the individual needs and requirements, to helping the foreign medical graduates with the coaching facilities for the licensing exam, the team of experts with us aids to all the varied needs of the students at any point of time between their admission to graduation.

Some of the key services offered by the organisation includes:

  1. Free Personal Counselling By Experts
  2. Assistance in University Selection
  3. Simplified Admission Procedures
  4. Loan & Visa Assistance
  5. Travel Arrangements & Airport Pick-Up
  6. Hostel and Indian Mess Arrangements 
  7. Coaching Classes For The Medical Licensing Exam

To know even more about the benefits and facilities with your MBBS in Orenburg State Medical University, contact us on your student helpline number 1800-833-3338, visit our office near your city or register with us to raise your concern.