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April 15, 2018

Mari State University is one of the oldest and most popular universities in the world to study MBBS in Russia. The university is situated in Mari El Republic, which is a federal subject of Russia (a republic). Yoshkar-Ola is the capital city. The republic is located in the eastern part of the East European Plain of Russia, along the Volga River. The swampy Mari Depression is located in the west of the republic. Of which, 57% of the territory of the republic is covered with dense forests.

This university is deemed as the First Classical University in the Republic of Mari El. It also accommodates the staff which was the first to create a new generation computer network, “MarGRID”.

For students who are willing to study MBBS in Russia, Mari State University has a renowned medical institute that facilitates the process which only produces quality doctors in every batch. This Medical University is established to strengthen the ratio of good doctors available to citizens, not only in Russia but also across the globe. With each passing day, the University is incessantly working to improve and provide better services for students; coming from different countries to pursue MBBS in Russia. The Mari State University is also ranked among the Top Medical Universities of Russia and performs consistently every year.

Mari State University offers a diverse life to the international students seeking MBBS in Abroad. Every student for sure finds something best-suited as per their interests. There are scientific communities, interest clubs, sports schools, volunteering, charity work, public work, and many cultural events on regular intervals which are attended by both the local as well as international students. New and interesting events, both on national and international levels, are organized on an everyday basis to ensure all-around development of the students traveling to study MBBS in Russia.

Mari State University provides all the major and basic facilities for the benefit of its students. There is a fully-equipped library with all the latest books, journals, and a wide range of study material for the students. Along with that, there is a sports complex within the university which has different courts for mostly all the games. Students are provided with the best hostel facilities. During their stay, Safety and Security Measures are taken by the University. This makes the university one of the top medical schools of Russia when it comes to students aspiring to do MBBS in Abroad.

Various Advantages of studying medicine in Mari State University:

  • Universally recognized degrees: The degree of MD from Mari State University is recognized by MCI, WHO, ECFMG and others countries. These recognitions help the alumni’s to practice in any part of the world after successful completion of the MBBS course.
  • No Donations, No entrance exams: There is no need to appear for any entrance examination or pay any donation for getting admission in Mari State University.
  • Affordable Tuition Fee: As Mari State University is one of the top medical universities of Russia, it provides excellent education at an affordable fee structure which makes it a perfect option for students pursuing MBBS in Abroad.
  • Admission procedure is easy and quick: With hassle-free admission procedure, Rus Education facilitates the students to obtain the study visa for the students.
  • With Rus Education, we provide students with medical insurance and this covers all costs of medical treatments during their stay in the country.
  • Comfortable and safe hostel accommodation: Special measures have been made for international students traveling for MBBS in Russia. It includes comfortable and well- furnished hostels. The mess has local as well as international cuisine which includes Indian food for Indian students in Mari.
  • There are ample of opportunities for students who are keen to take part in conferences, cultural meets, social activities, and excursions arranged by Mari State University.
  • The medium of instruction is English: English language is used as the medium of instruction which makes the education system more comfortable for international students who wish to pursue MBBS in Russia.
  • Optimum student teacher ratio: In Mari State University, the student-teacher- ratio is strictly maintained and always kept to the optimum level. This allows the professors to pay individual attention on every student and impart quality education.

Mari State University always fulfills the expectations of the students and can be a great option if you are looking out for MBBS IN ABROAD. Mari State University is the fastest-growing university among the top medical universities of Russia. If you are thinking of doing your MBBS in Abroad, Mari State University is the name you should be looking for.

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