Tips for Packing for International Students While Studying Abroad

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January 17, 2020

Are you preparing to leave for your international destination for studies?

The time for course commencement in most countries is almost here and that makes this time the most crucial for all last-minute plans and packing. But before you pack your bags and depart for the airport, it is important to know what all you must carry with you to have a stress-free travel and settling experience in your new home for the next few years! 

One of the most important things to keep in mind while packing for your international studies is to remember that the new country is going to be your constant surrounding for the next few years, at least till you complete your course. Thus, reading up on the country and its lifestyle and culture is always advisable so that you are prepared beforehand and know what to expect when you actually land there.

Now coming to your packing schedule before your final departure, it is recommended to start well in time so that you have ample opportunities at hand to plan and organize for any missing items that you may require.

Packing for Studying Abroad

While traveling abroad, students are allowed a luggage capacity of 46kg Check-in baggage plus 10kg of Cabin luggage. This makes it easier for them to plan their first trip to the destination country with all the requirements at hand. 

For easy handling of crucial items, it is advised that students carry a dedicated folder with the following documents –

  1. Original Passport with visa
  2. Original documents of qualification including certificates of Class XI and XII PLUS their apostil copies
  3. Additional 3-4 photocopies of all qualification documents for safekeeping
  4. 30-40 colored passport size photographs
  5. HIV report
  6. Other medical certificates – authorized by concerned personnel
  7. Admission letter from the University
  8. Currency converted into the locally accepted currency – Ruble or Dollars

Apart from these, it is highly recommended that the students carry their stock of personal items for dental care, personal hygiene, and grooming and a first aid kid including general medications for fever, pain, and seasonal allergies. It is always beneficial to have your required personal care items with you whenever you travel to a new place so that you don’t have to struggle till you’re able to find local avenues to source those items.

When it comes to clothing, it must be remembered that most countries have their own climate characteristics which may or may not be similar to your existing surroundings. Therefore, it comes as a good practice to research it before you pack your clothes. However, for countries that have extreme climate conditions, Russia for example, it is recommended that the students purchase climate-sensitive clothing from local stores as they would be better equipped to provide material suitable for the location. As part of the regular dressing, one must carry their casuals along with traditional ethnic wear, as a celebration of most Indian festivals is at times encouraged for the Indian students studying in foreign universities. 

Lastly, keep your stationery stock ready with notebooks, pens, highlighters, and others for easy studies and preparations when you start your course duration at the university.


Traveling to a new country, especially to study is always an exciting experience. However, to make it a successful trip, it is essential that one travels keeping in mind all important aspects of settling down well in the new country. Thus, if you keep the above-mentioned points in mind, it will get easier for you to plan and organize your travel bags accordingly, without wasting any time.

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