The Glorious Completion 105 Years Of Perm State Medical University

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September 20, 2021

Medical Education in Russia is a popular choice among Indian students seeking MBBS abroad. When it comes to making a choice, Perm State Medical University, Russia is a leading choice. As of present, there are more than 3000+ students studying at the Perm State Medical University, and a huge majority of them belong to India.

Perm State Medical University is celebrating 105 years of its establishment. The university has been one of the oldest universities in the region. Perm State Medical University is titled after Academician EA Wagner. It is recognized by a significant scientific center that is recognized for higher medical education and scientific research. The past 105 years are filled with several great achievements and features which have added to the feathers over the top hat of the university.

Let’s have a look at all the features and achievements of the university which has enriched its century-long legacy time and again.

Facts About Perm State Medical University

  • Perm State Medical Academy, in 2006 was renamed to Perm State Medical University is after Academician and State Prize Wagner, E.A. Wagner.
  • The university is recognized by a significant scientific centre which is recognized for higher medical education and scientific research.
  • At present, the university has some of the highly competent and education staff, including laureates of the State Prize, Honored Scientist of Russia, Honored Worker of Higher School, honoured doctors of Russia, winners of the regional awards for outstanding scientists of the Perm region.
  • The university is leading in the utility models and in the number of patents for inventions among HEI (Higher Education Institution) of the region.
  • The number of international students going to university is also increasing on a significant level. In 2017, a record number of 600 Indian students went to study MBBS (one of the top courses of the university) at the university. In 2016, the number was however just limited to 200.
  • The campus of the University is the winner of the “Best campus’ Moscow Mayor’s Prize”. In the all-Russian contest, the University has won the title of “Best student hostel”.
  • Today, the university includes 12 faculties, 77 departments and 2 branches.
  • Academic activities are conducted by 1229 researchers (2009), including 164 doctors of sciences, professors and 480 candidates of sciences, associate professors.
  • The academic staff includes 4 academicians and 3 corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 1 corresponding member of the RAO, 15 honoured science figures of the Russian Federation and 10 honoured workers of higher education in the Russian Federation.
  • 10 academics hold the status of Distinguished Professor at Perm State University.

Rankings and Recognitions

At the end of August 2018, PSU entered the ranking of the best universities in the Eurasian region, compiled by the British publication Times Higher Education, ranking 61-70.

According to the QS University Rankings: BRICS (Best BRICS Universities) study published on 8 July 2015, PSMU was ranked 24th on the Russian list of leading higher education institutions.

In 2021, the Perm State Medical University was also ranked among the top 10 medical universities of Russia at 4th place.

The university is recognized by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), World Directory Of Medical Schools (WDOMS), National Medical Commission (NMC) earlier known as Medical Council Of India (MCI) and Medical Council OF Canada (MCC).

PSMU For International Students

The Dean’s Office for foreign students (now called the Department of Foreign Studies) was organized in 1992 when the University first joined a federal program focused on the export of educational services. In the 1992/93 academic year, departments of general medicine and dentistry enrolled their first group of 35 foreign students from Syria, Morocco, and some other countries. Since 1992, the University is on the national registry of entities conducting export activities (record number ПР-II57/433).

Upon graduation with a higher education diploma in medicine, foreign students have an option to pursue any of the post-graduate programs including internships and specialization (in Russian called: интернатура, аспирантура или ординатура). In 1996 the University graduated its first foreign student, Jayaraman Anand Babu from India, in general medicine. Between 1992-2014 the University trained 195 medical doctors for 30 countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the CIS. Currently, at PSMU there are approximately 1700 foreign students pursuing various educational programs. The students come from Algeria, Belarus, Egypt, India, Kirgizia, Morocco, Tajikistan, Tunisia, and Ukraine. The PSMU draws on an extensive experience of developing study plans for foreign students as well as recruiting faculty and staff for innovative teaching methods.

In recent years the University has experienced a growth in the numbers of foreign students from a greater number of countries and a heightened interest in majoring in all available programs.

Perm State Medical University – Quick Highlights 2021 for MBBS in Russia

Year Of Establishment1916
University TypeGovernment
Intake for MBBS CourseSeptember 2021
NEET ExaminationRequired
Duration of MBBS Course6 years
Medium of TeachingEnglish language
RecognitionNMC & WHO approved

Benefits of Studying MBBS at Perm State Medical University For Indian Students

  • Perm State Medical University is one of the top-ranked government universities in the city of Perm, Russia.
  • It offers a low-cost fee structure which makes it very much affordable.
  • The medium of teaching the MBBS course in the English language.
  • Perm State Medical University is a member of The Association of Medical Schools in Europe.
  • There are 9 comfortable and well-furnished hospitals attached to the Perm State Medical University.
  • More than 1600 foreign students are currently studying at Perm State Medical University.
  • Perm State Medical University has fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical skills in their specialities.
  • It has been recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education to train medical professionals in foreign countries, having highly professional teaching staff.

Eligibility Criteria For PSMU

Students have to set in the following eligibility criteria to get admission to MBBS in Russia:

  • Candidates who are above 17 years old on or before 31st December of admission year can take admission to MBBS in Russia.
  • Candidates who have scored more than 50% in the Higher Secondary (Class 12) exam or in similar courses with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English as compulsory subjects can apply for the admission process for MBBS in Russia.
  • Students who have cleared the NEET examination with an eligible score can apply for the MBBS course at Perm state medical university.

So if you also wish to join the celebrations and many more achievements of the century-old university along with your dream of becoming a doctor for the, do contact our student helpline number or visit our nearest office for more information.

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