Mari State University Completes 50 Years of Excellence

November 23, 2022

25th November 2022 marks 50 years of establishment of hope and success at one of the top universities of Russia, Mari State University. The university, abbreviated as MarSU, has been on the list of top government universities in Russia for some decades now. 

Though the university is remarkably young, it is at par with some of the best and leading universities in Russia in every possible aspect. The university first opened its doors on 25th Nov 1972 and since then has been on the path of achievements, success and growth. 

The university was founded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation as an initiative to provide quality education and create a hubspot of the latest research practices in the Mari El Republic. Since its inception, the university has been holding the baton of development and quality.

Milestone Check for Mari State University

The university is among the few classical universities in the region and possesses remarkable accolades and mentions. The university is one of the founding members of the International Association of the Finno-Ugric Universities and has been awarded the gold medal for being among the 100 Best Universities of the Russian Federation for European Quality. 

The university is also a part of various International associations. The university signed the Rossotrudnichestvo Agreement in 2017 which concluded with a memorandum of cooperation with Rockland Hospital. Though started with just 4 schools, the university currently practises 5 Institutions and 9 faculties.

The university hosts about 8000+ students and 2000+ international students from 35+ countries, who are enrolled in over 200+ study programs and 104+ further professional programs. To aid them, the university has 500+ lecturers and 400+ candidates & doctors of science. The former Rector of MarSU, Dr Vitaly Makarov was awarded the honorary breastplate “Best Rector – 2009” by the Independent Public Council of the competition “European Quality: Gold Medal”.

Currently, the university premises consist of 7 grand academic buildings and 8 dormitories. Every vicinity is well equipped with all the essential and latest arrangements. 

In the past year, the university added another feather to its hat of achievement by winning the esteemed “Priority 2030” program, under which, the university further plans to increase its reach to every aspiring student and provide them the right opportunities 

Mari State University For MBBS in Russia

Among all the programs provided by the university, its medical program is the common preference for Indian students. The aspiring medical students of India, who are unable to study MBBS in India often find refuge in the comforts of MBBS in Russia due to its affordability. 

Mari State University is one of the most likeable choices for several aspiring medical students in India. Over 1100 Indian students are currently pursuing their medical studies at the university. The university has arrangements, especially for Indian students such as Indian canteens, hostel facilities, and on-campus coaching for medical licensing examinations such as FMGE (NExT), USMLE, PLAB, etc.

Mari State University Reaching Out To Ukraine Returned Medical Students of India

The university has also come forward to provide aid and assistance to the Ukraine-Returned Medical Students of India, who have been stricken with uncertainty for their future. The university has announced admissions to the transfer-seeking Ukraine-returned medical students of India. 

At present thousands of former Ukraine returned medical students of India have already resumed their studies at MarSU. The university is providing various arrangements such as providing bridging courses to transfer students and other assistance including documentation.

Visit of Rector, MarSU to India 2022

Recently, Prof. Mikhail Nikolaevich Shvetsov, Rector, Mari State University visited the Russian Education Fair 2022 and met with various students and parents in Delhi. The Rector also interacted with the various leading media houses about the opportunities at MarSU for Indian students. 

He also represented the university and signed an agreement of cooperation with the Russian House in New Delhi. During his visit, the university also signed the agreement of mutual cooperation with Santosh Medical College, further adding to the list of international collaborations of the university.

Future Goals & Aspirations

This is simply one of the many achievements of Mari State University. The university is continuously progressing towards providing excellence to the students and rapidly creating new milestones of accomplishments on the way.

Winning “Priority 2030” has further developed and strengthened the roadmap for the university in facilitating the absolute best arrangements and opportunities for learning for all its students. 

The university eyes a future where each and every student in the world has the opportunity to pursue their dreams and excel in them. 

Indian students looking forward to pursuing MBBS in Russia can choose Mari State University for fulfilling their dream and to get complete details about the fee structure and facilities available you can contact Rus education, the exclusive admission partner in India on student Helpline- 18008333338.