Cooperation agreement- Signed between Rus Education & Tver State University!!

April 27, 2019

On 24th April 2019, an august ceremony at Tver State University; was organized for signing the Agreement on cooperation between Rus Education and Tver State University (TSU), Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education.

Dr. S.K. Washim (Founder & Chairman of Rus Education) signed the document on behalf of Rus Education with the acting Rector of Tver State University- Lyudmila Nikolaevna Skakovskaya.

It is a bilateral alliance; marked with a scheme of a national project for the development of education that aims to increase the export endowment of Russian Educational Services.

Rus Education has always been a pioneer in assisting the students with choosing a suitable University for them; along with their entire admission procedure in Top Universities in Russia. It always relied on a mission of educating every Indian student from different corners of the Nation and with a vision of expanding its list of countries for students’ admission.

The concurrence was established with an objective of mutual cooperation, exchange of students, and admission of Indian students at different faculties of Tver State University.

From now onwards, Rus Education will help Tver State University for attracting international students, especially Indian Students; who wish to study in Russia.

Three main areas of support were also discussed – Modernization of organizational, domestic, and material and technical conditions, Educational and methodological support and complex promotion of the university in the international market.

At last, the solemn ceremony was ended with a signing of the agreement. We hope that this collaboration would lead to an enhancement in the educational relationships between India & Russia and also, sustainable development in the field of education in both Nations and will help the students in shaping their future.

Rus Education feels proud to be associated with Tver State University!