Overview of MBBS  in Russia 2023-24

April 20, 2023

The largest country in the world, Russia, captures a dominant position in the list of the top countries to study MBBS  abroad for Indian students. Not just limited to India, the country has also been successful in attracting aspiring doctors from all parts of the world. The supreme quality of practical-based medical education, extensive clinical exposure, and cost-effective fees of MBBS  in Russia makes it a suitable option for Indian students after MBBS  in India. Moreover, after the news of the accommodation of Indian medical students from Ukraine in the Russian medical universities broke the internet, the popularity of MBBS  in Russia for Indian students reached new dimensions.

On average, every year, almost 10,000 Indian students fly to Russia for their medical education. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Russia is home to almost 30 top-ranked medical universities, exhibiting world-class education infrastructure and providing excellent opportunities to medical aspirants around the globe. Adding to the success of MBBS  in Russia, the medical graduates of the top medical universities in Russia are well-established doctors, researchers, and scientists working in the prestigious medical institutions of the world.

The result of the FMGE December 2022 session was an eye-opener as the majority of the students passing the exam were foreign medical graduates of Russian medical universities. The recent developments have massively contributed to the success of medical education in Russia among Indian students.

Main Highlights of MBBS  in Russia 2023-24

Here is a quick overview of the MBBS  in Russia

Intake for MBBS  in RussiaSeptember
MBBS  course duration5.8 years
Eligibility of MBBS  in RussiaAt least 50% aggregate score in PCB subjects in 10+2NEET qualified
Medium of teachingEnglish
IELTS & TOEFLNot required
MBBS  fees in RussiaINR 15 Lakhs- INR 50 Lakhs
University recognitionsNMC (erstwhile MCI), WDOMS, ECFMG, FAIMER, and Ministry of Education, Russia
Cost of living in RussiaINR 12,000/ month (USD 150 per month)

Why Study MBBS  in Russia?

When it comes to studying medicine abroad, medical education in Russia is always the best option for Indian medical aspirants. The top medical universities in Russia have all the features and facilities that any international medical aspirant will look out for when choosing a country to study MBBS  in abroad. 

  • Russia is home to the best government medical universities in the world.
  • The duration of the MBBS  in Russia is 6 years which includes one year of clinical training.
  • The complete study of medicine is in the English language. 
  • The faculties of medicine in Russia comprise reputed and renowned professors, doctors, alumni, and scientists from all over the world.
  • Russia has had a strong bilateral friendship with India for more than 50 years.
  • World-class and innovative infrastructure facilities are available for medical students.
  • All the Russian medical universities provide hi-tech learning experiences to the students.
  • There are long-term career benefits for Indian students.
  • The number of Indian students pursuing MBBS  in Russia rises annually.
  • The medical universities in Russia conduct in-campus FMGE/NExT coaching for Indian  students. 
  • Top government universities in Russia offer direct admission to Indian medical aspirants willing to pursue MBBS, with a hassle-free admission process requiring only passing NEET scores.
  • Easy procedures for the visa application once students have all the required documents such as passports, university invitation letters, medical certificates, etc. 
  • The universities in Russia have a multicultural and welcoming environment due to the presence of students from different countries.  
  • Indian  MBBS  students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance are granted scholarships by the Russian government.
  • There are numerous career opportunities available to Indian students studying MBBS  in Russia.
  • The living conditions in Russia for international students are comfortable and safe.

Benefits of Studying MBBS  in Russia For Indian  Students

Medicine is the most coveted and respectable profession in the world and therefore, the quality of medical education plays an important factor in making you a successful doctor. The top medical universities in Russia continue to shape the medical careers of Indian medical aspirants in the following ways:

  1. Practical-based medical education: Unlike India, the best medical universities in Russia believe in imparting practical knowledge of medicine to the students rather than just focusing on theoretical lessons in the classrooms. The MBBS  students in Russia are exposed to the practical aspects of medicine from the second year of the course. Special simulation labs have been set up at all top government medical universities in Russia to specialize medical students in patient treatment and communication. The progressive teaching methods of Russian medical universities help Indian  MBBS  students to stay at par with the same standards of medical education as Russian students and become world-class doctors from the initial years of the MBBS  course. 
  1. International practical exposure: Indian  MBBS  students at Russian medical universities get to be a part of international conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. to enhance their knowledge about medicine in various countries. They also get the opportunity to present their research and exhibit their medical knowledge on well-known platforms.
  1. Subsidized fee structure: Russia has always been very supportive of international medical aspirants who have trusted its medical universities for their medical education. The Russian government has a subsidized MBBS  fee structure for Indian students making MBBS  in Russia an inexpensive option compared to India. Now, Indian  students can complete their medical education in Russia within INR 15 Lakhs- INR 50 Lakhs and get a well-recognized medical degree. 
  1. Admission without donations/entrance exam: The procedure to apply for MBBS  in Russia for Indian students does not include any entrance exams like IELTS/TOEFL or the payment of donations/capitation fees. The admission process for MBBS  in Russia is more directly based on the aggregate marks obtained in 10+2 and the NEET exam.
  1. Practice medicine in India: Indian students of MBBS  in Russia have the option to practice medicine in India after passing the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE). The medical degrees of the Russian universities are valid in India and medical graduates can serve in Indian hospitals after getting a medical license from NMC/SMC.
  1. Multicultural life: The reputed and leading Russian medical universities are home to foreign students from various countries leading to the creation of a multicultural environment. Students from more than 25+ countries are pursuing MBBS  in Russia to become world-class doctors. Cultural events are frequently organized at the universities for the students, including the celebration of Indian festivals on a grand scale. 
  1. Summer observership programs: Indian medical students studying MBBS  in Russia have the choice to undergo summer observership programs either in Russia or India. During the summer observership, Indian students can join reputed hospitals for a brief time to observe the medical procedures conducted by the senior doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and other hospital staff and expand their medical knowledge. 
  1. Apply for resident permit: Indian students interested in practicing medicine in Russia can apply for a residency permit. Many Indian medical graduates opt to stay in Russia to join its healthcare sector rather than return to India. 

Where To Study MBBS  in Russia?

Being a top destination to study MBBS  abroad, Russia has a good number of medical universities recognized by reputed and renowned global statutory bodies like NMC, WDOMS, ECFMG, FAIMER, WFME, etc. Now, Indian students can choose a leading and recognized Russian medical university without getting worried about the scope and opportunities after MBBS  in Russia. 

The top 3 medical universities to study MBBS  in Russia for Indian students are:

  1. Orenburg State Medical University: With almost 79 years of existence in the public domain, Orenburg State Medical University is counted among the top medical universities in Russia with a large strength of international medical students studying MBBS  in Russia. According to Forbes, the leading American Business Magazine, Orenburg State Medical University is ranked the Second-Best Medical University in Russia. At present, there are over 1400 Indian students studying medicine at Orenburg State Medical University. 
  • High-quality, practical-based medical education.
  • English medium education for international students.
  • Learn Russian as a part of the MBBS  curriculum.
  • Recognized by the National Medical Commission.
  • Excellent FMGE passing percentage in December 2022 session.
  • Comfortable hostels for Indian students.
  • Indian food is available in the university canteen.
  • On-campus FMGE/NExT coaching by Indian doctors and professors. 
  • Practical/clinical training of students in top hospitals of Russia.
  • The MBBS  fees per year start at $6,000 for Indian students. 
  1. Perm State Medical University: More than a 106-year-old medical university in Russia, Perm State Medical University is a leading destination for studying MBBS  in Russia for Indian students. The university is a renowned and well-recognized scientific and research center where 1500+ Indian medical students are currently pursuing their dream careers. Perm State Medical University has the following features:
  • Innovative academic infrastructure like audio-visual aids in classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, etc.
  • The Promobot device is used for effective clinical training of the students at the university.
  • Medical education is imparted in English to international students.
  • The Russian language is taught from the first year of the MBBS  course.
  • Good FMGE passing rate in December 2022 session.
  • The medical degree is recognized by the National Medical Commission.
  • The fee structure for Indian students is somewhere around $6,000.
  • Fully-furnished hostels have been set up for Indian students.
  • The clinical training of students is carried out in the top Russian hospitals.
  • Indian students have the flexibility to do their summer observership in Russia or India.
  • Indian food is served in the university mess.
  1. Mari State University: Having more than 50 years of experience, Mari State University is counted among the most prestigious and leading universities in Russia with a renowned Faculty of Medicine. The excellent work of the university in producing world-class doctors has brought it a global reputation and recognition from various statutory bodies, making it one of the best government universities to study MBBS  in Russia. At present, there are over 1400 Indian students studying medicine at the university. Here are some of the best features of Mari State University that are hard to miss:
  • Best-in-class medical education with a practical-based approach.
  • The extensive learning experience during clinical training in hospitals.
  • Highly-intellectual medicine faculty from worldwide to ensure an international standard of medical education.
  • English is the medium of instruction for international students. 
  • Special on-campus FMGE coaching classes by Indian doctors and professors. 
  • Good FMGE passing rate in the December 2022 session. 
  • Comfortable hostel facilities for Indian students.
  • Indian food is available in the mess facility of the university.
  • Student participation in international seminars and conferences for global exposure.
  • Affordable fee structure for Indian students starting from $6,000. 

Who can apply for MBBS  in Russia?

Indian students who want to study medicine in Russia must satisfy the below MBBS  in Russia eligibility criteria as stated by the National Medical Commission.

  1. They should have passed 10+2 from a recognized board (CBSE/ISC).
  2. They should have obtained at least 50% aggregate marks in PCB subjects. (40% for reserved category)
  3. They should have attained the age of 17 years as of 31st December in the year of admission.
  4. They should have a qualifying NEET score.


  1. The candidate must obtain an “Eligibility Certificate” from the National Medical Commission (erstwhile Medical Council of India) according to the “Eligibility Requirement for taking admission in an undergraduate medical course in a Foreign Medical Institution Regulations, 2002”. The requirement does not apply to Indian citizens and Overseas Citizens of India with a medical qualification from a foreign medical institution in Russia or who have taken admission to a foreign medical institution in Russia before 15th March 2002.
  2. Indian  Citizens/Overseas Citizens of India intending to obtain a primary medical qualification from any medical institution outside India, on or after May 2018, must qualify for the ‘National -Eligibility-cum- Entrance Test for Admission to MBBS  course’. The result of the ‘National- Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for Admission to MBBS  course’ shall be deemed as the Eligibility Certificate for such persons, provided that such persons fulfill the Eligibility Criteria for admission to the MBBS  course prescribed in the Regulations on Graduate Medical Education, 1997.”

Detailed information about the Eligibility Criteria for students studying MBBS  Abroad is available here

How to get admission in top medical universities in Russia?

The procedure to get admission in the top government medical universities in Russia is simple, direct, and not at all time-consuming for Indian students. 

  • Fill up the application form of the preferred university and attach the required documents.
  • Get the admission letter from the university.
  • Apply for the student visa along with the required documents.
  • Pay the admission fees to the university.
  • Take your flights to Russia.

MBBS  Curriculum in Russia

The entire MBBS  course in Russia is bifurcated into two sections – Basic Sciences (3 years) and Clinical Sciences (3 years). The basic sciences curriculum consists of anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, and microbiology and the clinical sciences comprises surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and psychiatry. The MBBS  in Russia curriculum has two semesters. The students need to attend a minimum of 14 academic hours every week in each semester for 20 weeks (280 academic hours). 

According to the Foreign Medical Graduate Licentiate Regulations 2021, dated 18th November 2021 of the National Medical Commission, there are provisions related to the MBBS  course and compulsory subjects mentioned in Schedule – I of these regulations:

  • A theory, practical, and clinical internship of the MBBS /MD course outside India must be equivalent to MBBS  in India;
  • In addition to the mandatory training of 12 months apart from the MBBS  course, there is also a provision of compulsory hands-on clinical training on clinical subjects, including Community Medicine, General Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, General Surgery, Anesthesia, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Orthopedics, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Emergency/Casualty Services, lab services, etc.
  • The course and clinical internship must align with the MBBS  course in India as per the Regulations on Graduate Medical Education, 1997, and subsequent amendments. 

Duration of MBBS  in Russia 

As per the guidelines of the National Medical Commission, the duration of an MBBS  course in any foreign medical institution must not exceed the duration of an MBBS  in India. The total duration to complete MBBS  in Russia is 6 years, including 12 months of internship at reputed hospitals in Russia. The first 5 years of the MBBS  course are dedicated to theoretical and practical medical studies at the universities and the last year focuses on the clinical internship of medical students in top hospitals in Russia. 

How much does it cost to study MBBS  in Russia?

Studying medicine is undoubtedly expensive, yet MBBS  in Russia is an affordable option for Indian students. The subsidized fee structure of government medical universities in Russia makes them convenient and budget-friendly for international students. The fees of the top medical universities in Russia depend on the quality of medical education, recognition and accreditations, infrastructure, student facilities, and more. The average MBBS  tuition fees of Russian universities range between $4,000 to $6,000 per year for Indian students. 

Things to consider while choosing a medical university in Russia

As medicine is the most revered and prestigious profession in the world, aspiring doctors must not compromise on their medical education and choose a good, reputed, and recognized medical university. And when it is about selecting a medical university in a foreign country like Russia, you need to pay extra attention as you’ll be spending six years of your life.

There are over 30+ reputed medical universities in Russia recognized by the NMC (National Medical Commission) and enlisted in WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools) providing high-quality medical education at affordable costs to international students. Choosing a medical university for MBBS  in Russia is not easy and requires some parameters that will help you decide on the right one.

Before choosing any medical university in Russia, Indian medical aspirants must go through the guidelines of the National Medical Commission for students going to study or have obtained a medical degree from foreign medical institutions.

  • The medical university must be an English medium.
  • The course duration of MBBS  must be a minimum of 54 months (Minimum 4.5 years).
  • The candidate must complete 12 months of internship from the same university. 
  • All foreign medical graduates must appear and pass FMGE/NExT exam after completing MBBS  in Russia. 

(Foreign Medical Graduate Licentiate) Regulations, 2023

Here are some important factors that you must consider when choosing a medical university in Russia:

  1. Recognition by National Medical Commission: For any Indian student planning to study MBBS  in Russia must ensure that the medical university he/she is choosing must be recognized by the National Medical Commission. The recognition by NMC makes the degree of the medical universities in Russia valid in India and allows the students to sit for the FMGE/NExT exam in India. This is an important factor for Indian students aiming to practice medicine in India after their MBBS  in Russia. 
  1. English-medium medical education: When you are planning to study MBBS  in Russia, you need to pick an English-medium medical university for your MBBS. According to the NMC’s (Foreign Medical Graduate Licentiate) Regulations, 2021 dated 18th November 2021, any Indian citizen/Overseas Citizen of India must only join a foreign medical university with English as a medium of instruction.
  1. Quality of medical education: Apart from including the compulsory subjects mentioned in Schedule 1 of the (Foreign Medical Graduate Licentiate) Regulations, 2021 of NMC, the medical university must have established a mark of its own across the globe in imparting medical education to international students. The quality of medical education at any university depends on its professors and faculties. Medical education should be imparted by reputed faculty members who are doctors, professors, scientists, or researchers who are experts in their field of work.
  1. Academic infrastructure and facilities: One of the major benefits of studying MBBS  in Russia is experiencing innovative and cutting-edge infrastructure and technologies that are hard to find in India. For example, setting up simulation centers to provide simulation training to the students within the university before they go for their clinical training gives them hands-on experience. Choose a medical university equipped with this facility to get an exceptional experience.
  1. Fee structure: The budget plays a crucial role when selecting a medical university in another country. Russia is already an affordable option to study MBBS  abroad as all its medical universities are approved and recognized by the Russian Government. There are various options for you to choose from as there are over 30 top government medical universities in Russia with annual MBBS  fees ranging from $4,000 to $6,000.
  1. Accommodation facilities: Indian medical aspirants planning to study MBBS  in Russia must consider the arrangements of accommodation at the shortlisted medical university in Russia. The university must have its hostel accommodation as renting one outside the university premises will be expensive as well as unsafe for you. University-owned hostel facilities have round-the-clock security systems and you get to interact with other students. 

Medical Licensing Examinations After MBBS  in Russia 

After completing their medical studies in Russia, foreign medical graduates seeking to practice medicine in India or other countries have to appear for the respective medical licensing exams of their preferred countries. 

  1. Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE)/National Exit Test

A majority of Indian medical graduates of Russian medical universities appear for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) or National Exit Test (NExT) to obtain permanent registration from the National Medical Commission/State Medical Councils to practice medicine in India. Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) is a licensing examination conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) for Indian citizens or Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) who have completed their medical education at a foreign medical institution and wish to practice medicine in India. 

➨Read more: Know Everything About The National Exit Examinations (NExT)

  1. United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)

Physicians with MD degrees who seek to practice medicine in the USA have to qualify for the USMLE to get a license to practice. It is a three-step medical licentiate exam in the United States sponsored by the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) and the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME). The three steps of the USMLE are:

  • Step 1: Assessment of the knowledge about the foundational medical science obtained during the first two years of medical school.
  • Step 2CK: Evaluation of the candidate’s knowledge of clinical medicine.
  • Step 3: Assessment of the application of clinical knowledge to patient management.
  1. Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board test (PLAB)

The PLAB test assesses the medical knowledge and skills of doctors to practice medicine in the UK. This medical licentiate exam has two parts. Part 1 of the test is written and consists of MCQs with 180 questions. Part 2 is a practical-based clinical examination called OSCE. The candidate is required to sign up for a GMC online account and give proof of his/her medical qualifications and knowledge of English. After the details are verified and found suitable, the candidate gets the go-ahead to register for Part I of the Plab test. It is mandatory to pass both parts of the PLAB tests to get a license to practice medicine in the UK.

Career scope after MBBS  in Russia

There is no dearth of opportunities for Indian medical graduates with medical degrees from Russian medical universities. They have several career options after MBBS  in Russia that promise a successful career to aspiring doctors in India. They have three major options after completing MBBS  in Russia:

  1. Apply for a residency permit in Russia and practice medicine there.
  2. Pass FMGE/NExT and get permanent registration from NMC to practice medicine in India.
  3. Apply for postgraduate courses in India.  

There are also other options that can be explored by the foreign medical graduates of Russia, such as:

  • Hospital management
  • Medical-Legal Advisors
  • Medical Tourism
  • Sports Medicine
  • Public Healthcare
  • Health Informatics & Analytics
  • Medical Journalism & Medical Writing
  • Medical Teacher/Professor

Disadvantages of studying MBBS  in Russia

Compared to the comprehensive and large number of benefits of studying MBBS  in Russia, its disadvantages hardly matter. There may be challenges in studying MBBS  in Russia for your medical education, but they are only short-lived. Being focused and dedicated towards your goal of becoming a world-class and qualified doctor is the key to overcoming these challenges with time.  

The Final Note

Russia is truly a popular destination to attain high standards of medical education owing to the presence of its top government medical universities having global recognition. This is the reason that the country has been successful in attracting thousands of international students every year. Not only medicine, but the country has also captured enough attention in other courses as well among students from other countries. 

The cordial comradeship between Russia and India has always proved to be beneficial for the citizens of India. The medical universities in Russia provide excellent opportunities to Indian  medical aspirants to get high-quality medical education even with qualifying NEET scores. Russia has successfully produced thousands of successful doctors for over a decade and is still going ahead with its mission.

Rus Education is one of the most trusted and leading overseas medical education facilitators in India for over 30 years and works as a representative of the top government medical universities in Russia in India. The organization facilitates the admission of medical aspirants to reputed and well-recognized Russian universities. 

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