Evacuation of Indian Nationals (including students) in Russia.

mbbs in russia
November 18, 2020

The spread of coronavirus across the world has led to the cancellation of numerous flights and left innumerable Indians stranded across the world. The Indian government has tried bringing back Indians in phases. Russia is a popular educational destination among Indian students particularly for those who are interested in pursuing medicine. Many Indian students are still there during this pandemic. There is not much reason for worry as the Russian government and the Russian universities are providing all the facilities for a safe and secure stay of the students.

However, despite all the measures and safeguarding, there exists some anxiety among the students stranded which is quite understandable. For the students stranded and those who wish to return to India, the Indian embassy in Moscow has released some important instructions. The Indian embassy has categorically stated that no decision has yet been taken on the resumption of flights to India and any resumption of flights will be informed by the embassy and on its website and on social media.

For students who wish to return to India, the embassy has released a basic consent form which has to be filled up by the students. In this consent form, some basic details have been asked such as full name as in the passport, gender, age, mail-id, passport number, domicile state and full address with pin code in India, the university enrolled in Russia, phone number used in Russia without the Russian code and the Indian phone number again without the code and the preferred international airport. The form also states that students whose universities have been closed down will only be allowed to travel to India or will be given priority during evacuation.

Some further instructions to be kept in mind while filling up the form are that the students have to take a COVID-19 test before boarding the flight and have to carry the test results with them. The cost of airfare has to be borne by the students themselves. The students also have to sign an undertaking where they agree to undergo 14 days mandatory quarantine at their own expense. The undertaking form also states that the students have to follow the instructions given by the Indian officials. This undertaking is an expression of the willingness of the students to be evacuated to India. A copy of the undertaking has to be carried by the students. Students must note that incomplete forms will be rejected by the embassy and only one complete form is required by the embassy. Students must fill up the form by 4th May 2020 at 8:30 PM IST which is 6 PM Moscow time. It is important to note that this is not an evacuation planned by India.

RUS education in close association with the Indian embassy in Moscow is closely monitoring the situation in Russia and India. Students can contact the representatives of RUS education for any queries. Parents can contact on student helpline number – 1800-833-3338 for any doubts and queries.

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