Chartered Flight for Indian Students studying in Russia to return home

mbbs in russia
September 18, 2020

There is no denying that returning home is nostalgia after being away from home for a long time. It can be a time filled with a rollercoaster ride of emotions and positivity that you finally get to meet your loved ones.

With the ongoing Pandemic, the world may seem a bit hard especially during this difficult time. Yet you have to adjust and take life one step at a time, come what may.

The evolution of the Coronavirus that has managed to spread around the world has made it risky for anyone to move around freely. Thus, countries around the world imposed a lockdown to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

During the month of March- April, there were many people who were stranded for various reasons in different countries. One of those stranded abroad were the Indian Citizens. However, India took immediate responsibility to bring its citizens home safely through the Vande Bharat Mission.

In the month of May, the Vande Bharat Mission Phase 1 began where citizens stranded in various countries abroad were brought home safely. On seeing how successful the mission was carried out, the higher authority in India then decided to have other phases that could bring all its stranded citizens home to their families.

Though India initiated the Vande Bharat Mission, traveling has become a problem due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and the lockdown with various restrictions. In this scenario, Indian Students studying abroad also find it difficult to come back home as and when they want.

As the lockdown continues and the freedom to move around is highly restricted, students expressed their desire to be home with their families. They also made various requests for an arrangement to bring them home. After seeing the students’ requests, Rus Education couldn’t resist but help them come back to their homeland.

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