Student Life With MBBS in Russia

mbbs in russia
September 15, 2021

Russia as a destination for Indian students seeking medical education has been gaining popularity for quite a while. Out of the several benefits MBBS in Russia offers to its pursuers, having a blissful student life is a common point adding to its several advantages.

One might wonder, what does having blissful or colorful student life means. Our favorite TV shows and movies have certainly set up high expectations of what student life is like in a university. The reality is quite different from the virtual expectations. Though you might develop friendships that would last you a lifetime, a good student life is not about partying all night or making love escapades. Life at the university is always a memorable experience for all.

Now, when it comes to studying MBBS abroad, it is understandable that the students and parents may have concerns not only about the education but also the overall life the students would be experiencing during the course of almost 6 years. It is now a well-established fact that the top medical universities of Russia guarantee a liable quality education but did you know, that these universities also provide a healthy, nurturing, and learner-friendly environment to international students. Several universities that have a good number of Indian students, at times provide several arrangements to fulfill the indigenous needs of the students.

So, if you wish to know what to expect during your stay for MBBS in Russia, below are the few points that assuredly glitters your period of stay at the top government medical universities of Russia.

1. Expenditure

In brief, the overall expenditure for students studying MBBS in top medical universities of Russia is as low as 45% than that of studying in a country like the USA. Most of the universities already provide almost all the essential things the students might need, including Indian food. The students might have to pay the student discounted amounts if they choose to explore the city or for their individual preferences.

2. Exploration Drive

Russia as a country has always been of extreme geographical, historical, and political importance. The largest country in the world, therefore, always has something to explore. From the scenic landscapes, museums, crystal caves, water bodies, mysterious mountains and forests to the research conferences, etc, the students have plenty of things to do in the form of recreational activities.

3. The Local Culture & Cuisines

Unlike popular belief, Russian culture and cuisine are not much different than that of India. The students of MBBS in Russia can experience the local tea culture just like that of India. Other than that, the student may test their taste buds with some traditional Russian food like Blini, Pelmeni, Syrniki, Borscht, Okroshka, Pirozhki, Shashlik Kebabs, and more. Once your stomach is filled, you can explore the culture where the cats guard the museums and dogs navigate via metro!

4. Study Routines

Being a student of MBBS in Russia, just like in any other country demands tonnes of devotion and dedication at every step every day. After completing the orientation at the beginning of the course, students are encouraged to actively participate in the classrooms and laboratories. The teachers at the university are well trained with various strategies to make the entire teaching-learning process more intriguing and exciting for the students.

5. Activities at the University

During the entire period of MBBS in Russia, the students are constantly encouraged to indulge in various activities. Where out campus activities like clinical rotation are an essential part of the curriculum, the university also facilitates the students in various academic activities like debates, extempore, olympiads, etc as well as the non-academic activities like excursions, sports tournaments (cricket, badminton, etc), and other co-scholastic activities as per the interest of the students.

6. Grouping, Mentoring & Tutoring

Pedagogical practices like peer tutoring and group tutoring are some of the most common methods of teaching unlike the single-way communication of the lecture method. As soon as one joins the university, they are placed in a group of 5 to 7 students with one mentor responsible for assisting them through their whole MBBS in Russia journey.

7. Merry Celebrations

At Russian Medical University, the students of India can celebrate almost all their festivals. The university and other students also join them for the grand celebration of several popular festivals like Independence Day, Holi, Diwali, etc. Apart from these festive celebrations, the students are also encouraged to participate in on-stage performances at various events like annual day, etc.


University life is a journey of self-discovery and realization. The learning and experience during this period aid in the character building of the students for the rest of their life. This development becomes extremely quintessential when you are preparing for the role of role in the society for the 6 years. The students must understand that not all days are the same. Some days are sunny and others are cloudy. Things would certainly get difficult in one way or another, at one point or more, but with the rightful guidance, they can surely overcome them.

Student life during MBBS in Russia at top government medical universities like Perm State Medical University Mari State University and Orenburg State Medical University facilitates a colorful environment for promoting experiential learning between them. What makes these universities different from the others is the comfort they provide for the students joining them from India.

With this, we wish all the students who have recently joined MBBS in Russia and are looking forward to creating new memories good luck!

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