Which Is The Best Country To Study MBBS Abroad?

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November 8, 2021

Have you also qualified for the NEET exam? But are unable to get a seat in India? Feeling helpless and distraught and about to give up on your dream to be a doctor. Then many of your friends and teachers must have suggested that you study MBBS abroad. It is a well-established fact that medical education abroad often promises unlimited hope and scope to the students who despite their hard work and qualification are unable to secure seats in the medical colleges of India. A majority of students who opt to study MBBS abroad often find studying MBBS in private colleges beyond their budget. The remaining are unable to reserve their seat in government medical colleges of India.

MBBS abroad might not be a go-to option for a majority of students, but it certainly has proven to be a better option time and again for the students.

Your Top 5 Reasons To Study MBBS Abroad!

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1. Recognition & Reputation By studying MBBS abroad, you get a chance to study in some of the most globally identified medical institutions in the world. Therefore the hard-earned degree from these institutions is highly valued in the global healthcare sector. This acknowledgment, therefore, adds up to the reputation of the university making it more respected in the fraternity.

2. Relevant Exposure

As, workshops, symposiums, conferences, summits, etc at a global level. This helps you in staying up-to-date with all the latest and upcoming practices in medicine. long with getting the chance to study at some of the most influential medical universities, MBBS abroad gives you unlimited opportunities to be a part of several seminars

3. Advanced Learning Strategies

Top medical universities abroad, often are known for their student-centric learning strategies. Most of the universities possess state of art, resourceful educational infrastructure which comprehensively aids in making the learning more interactive and insightful for the students. This helps the students in building strong academic and professional foundations. The medical universities abroad also assist in identifying interests by providing ample choices in specializations to the students.

4. Career Opportunities

MBBS abroad often bring up unlimited career opportunities for medical graduates. All the exposure and equipping of skills help in opening up several career opportunities. This ranges from the traditional career of medicine, medical research practices as well as the non-traditional and unconventional aspects of the fields as well. Throughout the course, the students often get unlimited opportunities to associate themselves with the global fraternity of medicine.

5. 21st Century Skill Development

With the rigorous theoretical and pragmatic practices, the students opting for MBBS abroad often have better chances for the development of 21st-century skills and therefore positively affect their personality development as well. Skills like communication, confidence, multiculturalism, self-reliance, life skills, collaborative skills, etc. often involve the holistic development of the learners.

All the above-mentioned points often contribute to some of the advantages of medical education abroad offers to the students. However, there are certain aspects that even filter out some of the top countries to study MBBS abroad.

Some of the important factors that help in choosing where to study MBBS abroad are:

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Economical Cost

Generally favored countries for studying MBBS abroad often contributes to the fact that they provide an affordable cost of education as well as the stay. A country offering a pocket-friendly fee and staying with a high standard of living & education is often a popular choice among Indian students.

Offered Career Scope

When studying abroad, one of the most important things to remember is whether the country of your choice offers you the scope which you desire in terms of career. There are several countries which might have good career opportunities but not up to the mark education and vice-versa. Finding a country that offers both in a given budget is extremely difficult.

Diplomatic Relations With India

Another hugely overlooked but essential aspect when it comes to choosing the best country to study MBBS abroad is the kind of diplomatic relationship it shares with India. For example, MBBS in China has been a popular country of choice for MBBS abroad for Indian students. However, the strained relations between the nations due to the border issues in the past few years have caused several students enrolled for MBBS in China to step back and seek transfer to other countries in order to continue their studies. Therefore, the stronger the relations between the chosen country is, the more trouble-free your stay for MBBS would be.

Here are 3 best countries to study MBBS abroad:

1. Russia

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Russia has been an actively popular country among Indian students since its Soviet days to study MBBS abroad. At present Russia has taken the first spot replacing China in having the maximum number of Indian students currently studying in the country. It is estimated that there are more than 10,000 students who are studying MBBS in Russia.

The country fulfills all three essential criteria to be a top destination for medical education abroad. It provides affordable education and living of the utmost quality, it has a well-recognized education and research system, thus providing ample scope, and has a time-tested fruitful diplomatic relationship with India for about seven decades.

Even during the pandemic, Russia has been a constant center of research and development as a result, preparing an antiviral vaccine, ‘Sputnik’. This achievement successfully differentiated the achievement of Russian medical practices from its other countering nations of Europe and Asia.

Most of the medical universities in Russia are recognized by global bodies like ECFMG, FAIMER, WDOMS, and MCI (NMC). A majority of Russian Medical Universities are government in nature and therefore have an incredibly subsidized fee structure which further reduces the cost of MBBS for the students.

Overall, MBBS in Russia has proven to be the best choice for all medical students!

2. Caribbean Islands

Countries of Caribbean Island or South America have been gaining tremendous popularity among the Indian students for the past few years. MBBS in Guyana, Barbados, Antigua, etc is becoming more common among Indian students. One of the most enticing aspects of its popularity is its curriculum, which is extremely popular among students who wish to establish their careers in the USA.

The US-based curriculum prepares the students for their USMLE. Many universities like Lincoln American University of Guyana and Victoria University of Barbados provide a pre-med program for Indian students which does not require them to qualify NEET for admission.

Most of the countries in the Caribbean feature a tropical and exotic climate. At the same time, living expenditure for the students is considerably lower. English being a local helps the students to adjust to the new environment easily.

3. Bangladesh

Bangladesh being a neighbor as well as the former part of India is another most popular choice for MBBS abroad. Bangladesh shares its colonial history with India, therefore, a lot of its judicial as well as educational practices are similar to that of India. Therefore, medical education in the universities and colleges of Bangladesh is not much different than that of India. Hence, several students with excellent academic records who cannot enroll in government medical colleges of India often seek admission to Bangladesh.

Though the tuition fee for MBBS in Bangladesh may seem to be higher, studying MBBS in Bangladesh offers an educational environment, in terms of teaching, textbooks, curriculum, etc drastically similar to that of India.

The above are simply some of the most popular destinations for MBBS abroad, however, what suits you the best depends on what your requirement is. Even after shortlisting the country, choosing the university can be a bit of a hassle. But you can save yourself from all the troubles, with a personal counseling session from our expert counselors at 1800-833-3338 who will readily help you from choosing the country to university and even assist you through the admission process and support your learning till your graduation.

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