What Parents Need To Know About Studying Abroad

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January 18, 2018

As a parent, it is obvious for you to be eager in your child’s education. There are a number of things to worry about if your child is planning to study abroad. You are likely to have a lot of queries regarding education in abroad. It’s absolutely natural to have cold feet while your child plans to study abroad in the future. However, this tough decision is made by the students but parents are really afraid to get part ways with their children

On the other hand, if you are well-informed about the complete scenario, you would rather lead the way and support your child not just as a parent but as a mentor. Here are a few points you can take being a parent for the students who want to pursue their higher education in abroad

Always be Informed

Take a plunge by collecting information on the selected study destination. If you wish to check with the admission committee of the selected University, you can definitely do that for the security of your child. After all the course curriculum, accommodation, and campus life plays an important role and the parents should be well aware of it. It is better to prepare a list of questions you need to ask the University delegates and representatives utilizing all the information you have gathered.

Safety comes First

It is obvious for any parent to get concerned about the safety measures of their children. It is said that “SAFETY IS FIRST”. The safety of a student is as important as any other issues. Give your children the best information and resources he/she needs to make wise and better decisions. Make them aware of the fact that how to be safe and careful once they reach their study destination. Buck up your child to develop and utilize their knowledge while studying in abroad.


When the departure date of your child comes closer, it is very normal to develop a lot of apprehension and thoughts belly up in your head. It is understandable that it is really very difficult for parents to stay away from their loved ones. However, it is very important to comprehend how beneficial this opportunity is for the children. Make sure that the bag is lightly and wisely packed. Ensure that the luggage is not over-weighted and check if your child is able to move around it

Accommodation and food

As your child is entering into his/her adulthood, he/she is the best person to decide how to lead his/her life. Being a parent, you can advise your child to be more flexible to various cuisines so that they don’t face any problems. To save some pocket money, children can also cook their own food to save up on restaurant bills. Also, there are many restaurants in abroad that serve Indian food. So, before going for higher education in abroad, your child and you must do the homework to find the best Indian food in abroad.


Everything might not go according to the plan but one should definitely plan before studying abroad. Give some time to your child so that he/she can settle down and make plans on their own. Make sure they do a lot of research on matters related to Education Abroad. Try not to spoon-feed your children. Trust your child and boost his/her confidence so that he/she can make their own life decisions while studying far away from you. Remember not to overthink that your child might get influenced by Western culture and students.


Encourage your child to solve his/her own issues that may arise while studying abroad. He/she should be aware of his/her responsibilities while staying away from his homeland. This will empower your child, and will also help him/her face any challenges that may emerge during his/her stay abroad. Keeping a tab at every step and assessing their movements may not help them much. Each child has different maturity levels