Top 3 Countries To Study MBBS Abroad in 2022 For Indian Students

January 15, 2022

Even as we enter the second year of the second decade of the 21st century, the major issue regarding the lack of seats and thus opportunities for the medical aspirants all over the country. The past year has also reflected the urgent need to not only build up new but also strengthen the existing medical infrastructure as well as resources including balancing the disproportionate ratio of the professional and the patients.

Last year has been filled with a lot of anticipation as well as achievements for the students going to study MBBS Abroad. With several modifications and updates at various levels for the medical aspirants of India, studying MBBS abroad continues to be a thriving choice of thousands of Indian students.

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Here are 3 most popular countries as a favourable destination for MBBS abroad in 2022 for Indian students:

1. Russia

MBBS in Russia Overview
Duration of the course~ 6 years
Awarded DegreeMD/MBBS
Overall ExpenditureINR 18 Lakhs – 35 Lakhs
Advantages of Studying MBBS in RussiaRecognised & reputed UniversityAccess to Quality EducationAffordable and Feasible For AllEasy Travel & Visa ProcedureGood Career Prospects
Top Medical Universities For MBBS in Russia in 2022Perm State Medical UniversityOrenburg State Medical UniversityMari State University

Medical study in Russia has come out to be the top choice in 2021, and the trend is expected to continue for this year as well. Even if we ignore the political and diplomatic relations, which undoubtedly adds up being an important advantage for Indian students, Russia still single-handedly holds the accolade of providing the quality education at the best price.

A good number of Russian medical universities can be found to be centuries old and yet are amongst some of the most evident medical institutions around the world. In regards to the cost, undergraduate medical education in all government universities are heavily subsidized causing the cost cutting for the parents. Even the stay in the country is often considered to be pocket-friendly. For students, provided they follow the country’s norm, Russia comes out to be a good destination to explore which also ranks high on the safety index.

A medical degree from Russia often proves to be a great asset in terms of global career opportunities for the students be it in terms of clinical services or even research. The university also arranges FMGE/NExT coaching classes for Indian students to enable them to score better in the medical licensing exam of India and serve their country.

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2. Bangladesh

MBBS in Bangladesh Overview
Duration of the course~ 5 years
Awarded DegreeMBBS
Overall ExpenditureINR 26 Lakhs – 40 Lakhs
Advantages of Studying MBBS in RussiaRecognised & reputed UniversityCurriculum Similar to IndiaEducation in English mediumEasy Travel & Visa ProcedureGood Career Prospects
Top Medical Universities For MBBS in Russia in 2022Dhaka National Medical CollegeEastern Medical CollegeSylhet Women’s Medical College Hospital

Bangladesh has been a former part of India, and shares a good part of its history with it. Therefore, the students often find themselves in an extremely familiar environment with similar ethical and cultural values. Being a part of a British colony, the country provides quite an invariable similarity in terms of education and systems with India.

The medical curriculum followed in most of the universities and colleges of Bangladesh are similar to that which is followed in the Indian medical universities. Even the textbooks and references recommended by the course are often by Indian writers. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that studying MBBS in Bangladesh is very much similar to that of studying MBBS in India. With similar course structure, teaching methodology and living conditions, studying MBBS in Bangladesh, undoubtedly provides a very Indianised experience of MBBS abroad.

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3. Guyana

MBBS in Guyana Overview
Duration of the course~ 5 years
Awarded DegreeMD/MBBS
Overall ExpenditureINR 30 Lakhs – 50 Lakhs
Advantages of Studying MBBS in RussiaRecognised & reputed UniversityUS Based CurriculumAffordable Study and StayEasy Travel & Visa ProcedureGood Career Prospects
Top Medical Universities For MBBS in Russia in 2022Lincoln American UniversityGeorgetown American University.Texila American University, Georgetown.

Guyana is one of the countries which has exponentially gained people’s preferences as a choice for studying MBBS abroad. The country in the past has redeveloped itself to suit the needs of the international students and has marked several achievements in a row.

For Indian students, the country provides a comparatively affordable cost of medical education which is based upon the best practices of US based curriculum. This gives the students a strong access to several academic and non-academic benefits which help them in building up a prominent career by qualifying exams like USMLE for USA and FMGE/NExT for India.

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