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Why Choose PG Diploma Courses in Russia?

Top Medical Universities of Russia are equipped with the best facilities including technologies for training, research and innovations of the students in various fields of medicine, offering courses that are highly subsidized by the Government.

100% Scholarship Course

Short-term Post Graduate Diploma Courses are offered at 100% Scholarship in various medical fields for Indian students seeking to pursue higher education after MBBS from Russia.

Diverse Medical Specialties

Programs including but not limited to Cosmetology, Cardiology, Cardio-Vascular Surgery, Neurology, Nephrology, Medicine, and many other medical specialties are offered.

Convenient Learning

Russian Medical Universities offer short-term diploma courses entirely online, allowing aspirants to access and experience world-class education from the comfort of their home after MBBS from Russia.

No Financial Burden

Indian students aspiring to study in Russia often benefit from substantial subsidies provided by the Russian Government, greatly reducing the tuition fees at top Russian universities.

Unlock Your Medical Career Potential with 100% Scholarships for Specialized PG Diploma Courses in Russia

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What Courses Do We Offer?

Top Russian Universities

The top medical universities in Russia have world-class infrastructures to support their high-quality education. The universities offer unmatchable scopes and opportunities for students aspiring to chase their dream careers to become excellent in their medical profession.

Orenburg State Medical University

Orenburg State Medical University offers Post Graduate Diploma Courses in various programs such as medicine, anesthesiology, paediatrics, pharmacy, Clinical psychology, etc

Perm State Medical University

Renowned for the best education and training, the university offers specialty programs in various areas including Cosmetology, Cardiology, Medicine, Neurology and more.

Ryazan State Medical University

Well-known for its educational innovative and research programs, the university offers shorterm diploma programs in areas such as cosmology, cardiology, medicine, paediatrics, etc.

Mordova State University

Mordova State University, one of the best universities in Russia, known for its scientific research and innovation offers PG diploma programs in medicine and more for medical aspirants.

Pskov State University

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Key Details of Short-term Post Graduate Diploma Courses

Diploma Courses after MBBS from Russian Medical Universities provide advanced skills and knowledge about any specific specialization in the medical field, allowing medical aspirants to obtain additional knowledge and skills in their profession.

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