Orenburg State Medical University Apron Signing Ceremony of Graduating Batch 2023

June 28, 2023

Orenburg State Medical University rejoiced as the Graduating Batch of 2023 gathered for the momentous Apron Signing Ceremony. With pride, the graduating students adorned their white coats, symbolizing their transformation from students to Doctors. The presence of esteemed guests, including Prof. S.K. Washim, Chairman of Rus Education, and Prof. Mironchev Anton, Dean of Orenburg State Medical University, added prestige to the event. This ceremony marked the commencement of the graduates’ noble medical journey and served as a reminder of their years of dedication and academic commitment. As they embark on their medical path, the white coats embody their mission to serve and heal others. The Rus Education community extends heartfelt congratulations, wishing them success and the ability to touch lives through compassionate care. May their enthusiasm inspire others as they embrace this new chapter in their medical careers.