Batch-3 Departs To Join MBBS in Russia For Academic Session 2022-23

Another batch of students took off to join the top government universities of Russia to fulfil their dream of becoming a successful doctor. Apart from being the third-batch departing to join MBBS in Russia, this was also the first batch consisting of former Ukraine returned medical students who have transferred to resume their studies in Russia. This batch of students would be joining Mari State University (MarSU) from the academic session 2022-23 onwards and would be enrolling in their respective years.

After months of uncertainty, these Ukraine-returned medical students are finally on their way to pursuing their dream of becoming a doctor with their transfer to MarSU. The students earlier reported to the head office of Rus Education to get their final documentation done and receive guidance about their upcoming journey in Russia. 

The students later arrived at the Indira-Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, where they once again bid their heartfelt adieu to their friends and family members as they boarded their flight to once again restart their journey towards their dreams. 

We wish all these students immense good luck on their upcoming journey and believe that their intense determination towards their goal would help them conquer all the struggles they might face and would soon bear the sweet fruit of success.  

With this, we also invite all the Ukraine returned medical students who are still seeking opportunities to transfer and join the top government universities in Russia to not miss this golden opportunity. For more information about the transfer of Ukraine-returned Indian students at MarSU dial our student helpline number 1800-833-3338 today!