Russian Indian Educational Cooperation- Round Table Conference

June 10, 2019
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Russian Center for Science and Culture in India in joint association with #RusEducation is organizing the Russian Education Fair 2019 in the cities of Delhi, Ahmedabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Mumbai, Hyderabad& Kolkata from 9th June to 16th June to provide opportunities to students from India who aspire to become doctors but are unable to get a suitable seat in India due to demand and supply mismatch.

During the course of this fair, a Round Table Conference was organized in the seminar hall of the Russian Center for Science and Culture on Monday, the 10th of June 2019. This was attended by many renowned dignitaries in the field of medical education and health care which included amongst others, Mr. Tarasenko Arytem, Deputy Director (Joint Secretary) Department of Medical Education, Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, Dr. Randeep Gulleria, Padmashri, Director of AIIMS New Delhi, Lt Gen Bipin Puri, the DGAFMS and the Rectors and Dean of various Russian Universities as well as the Principal and Deans of various Medical Universities in India

The aim of this Round Table Conference was to enhance the already existing friendly relationship between India and Russia through the medium of Education.

The main points of discussion were as under:

  1. Mutual Collaboration in the field of Medical Education
  2. Training of Medical students
  3. Faculty development programs
  4. Faculty and student exchange program
  5. Medical research

Mr. Tarasenko Arytem, Deputy Director (Joint Secretary) Department of Medical Education, Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, apprised the august audience on the medical education system prevailing in Russia following which various issues pertaining to the improvement of the clinical acumen of the medical students coming back to India, the Foreign Medical Graduate examination, student and faculty development programs and workshops and collaborative research were openly deliberated upon in a conducive and courteous environment.

Based upon the inputs provided by the various participants it was decided to prepare an outcome document that would focus on the following:-

  1. Enhancing the professional acumen of the Indian students by way of providing them clinical exposure through observer – ships in various hospitals and universities in India during their summer vacations
  2. Visit of Faculty from Indian medical universities to Russian Universities for   short term training of medical students
  3. Faculty development workshops
  4. Developing media based training modules and simulation based training in   India for building competencies
  5. Carrying out collaborative research for UG/PG students
  6. Exploring feasibility of students and faculty exchange programme

The Round Table conference was moderated by Air Marshal (Dr) Pawan Kapoor, Vice Chairman Rus Education. The dignitaries were felicitated by Mr. Rozovsky Fedror, the Director of the Russian Centre for Science and Culture, and Dr. S.K. Washim, the Chairman of Rus Education.

All participants expressed their satisfaction with the initiatives taken in the Round Table conference and decided to work in full collaboration and cooperation with each other to make medical education of students in Russia more student and patient-friendly and to make it easy for the medical students to come back to India and be able to practice medicine in the country of their origin.