On-Campus FMGE Coaching 2023 at Top Government Medical Universities of Russia

February 7, 2023
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With the objective of assisting Indian students in excelling the Indian Licensing Exams- Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) soon to be replaced by the National Exit Examination (NExT), various top government medical universities of Russia with the assistance from Rus Education are welcoming several lecturers and subject experts from India in their campus. 

One of the  major advantages of studying MBBS in Russia for Indian students is getting the upper hand in the medical licensing exam of India with the on-campus coaching class of FMGE. 

Rus Education has been actively arranging the facilitation of these classes. For the classes in 2023, the team invited several respected guests and experts from India to deliver the lecture in the top government medical universities of Russia.   

The on-campus FMGE coaching for 2023 had already started from Jan 2023. The series of classes started with Orenburg State Medical University. OrSMU welcomed Dr Manish Kumar, a renowned name in the study of Medicine & Microbiology to deliver the lecture on the same topic.  The classes were conducted between 3rd Jan 2023 to 9th Jan 2023 the univ campus, where several aspiring medical students studying in OrSMU joined to seek the guidance regarding the subjects and FMGE preparation strategies. 

Dr Manish Kumar is currently working as a Consultant at Febris Multispeciality Hospital and has experience in working with renowned institutions such as Lady Harding Medical College. He is well known in the discipline for his expertise and command in knowledge. 

Mari State University also commenced the coaching classes for the FMGE/NExT. The university scheduled the guest lecture by Dr Rahul Kumar Jayanti Bhai Valodara, on Microbiology. The classes were scheduled between 10th Jan 2023 till 16th Jan 2023, which also witnessed Indian medical students studying at MarSU participating in the coaching and receiving guidance. 

Perm State Medical University also held the coaching on the topic on Radiology & Dermatology by Dr Mohd. Khaleel Ahmed between 29th Jan 2023. The dignitary lecture was attended by the aspiring Indian medical students studying at PSMU.

Dr Mohd. Khaleel Ahmed, MBBS, MD Radio Diagnosis, who is currently working as a leading guest faculty for Radiology dealing with Indian and Foreign Medical Graduates preparing for MCI, USMLE and other competitive examinations.

He also joined MarSU between 3rd Feb 2023 to 6th Feb 2023 with the objective of sharing his expertise with the aspiring medical students. 

Another important guest that joined Mari State University and Orenburg State Medical University to facilitate the assistance on ‘Medicine’ was Dr Priyansh Jain. 

Dr Jain, himself. is a highly reputed and renowned name among Foreign Medical Graduates for his marvelous achievements. He is an MBBS Graduate (Gold Medalist) and MD in Gen Medicine and is currently working as an Assistant Professor at Ananta Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre, Rajasthan. 

He joined Mari State University between 3rd Feb 2023 to 6th Feb 2023 and will be facilitating Indian medical students at Orenburg State Medical University till 8th Feb 2023, the classes for which have already commenced from 4th Feb 2023 onwards. 

One of the biggest advantages the students get through these coaching classes is the in-depth knowledge of FMGE preparation strategies. Students who join these sessions get the necessary guidance about the specific subject and how to prepare for the examination.

Rus Education further plans to arrange more classes in various subjects and invite other reputed names to meet and interact with the Indian students studying MBBS in Russia and help them in their preparation of FMGE/NExT examination.