NEET Bulletin 2

May 12, 2018
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CBSE shall release the official answer key to NEET 2018 on its website tentatively in the last week of May 2018. The answer key shall remain on the website for a period of two days only during which you are entitled to challenge any answer by paying a non-refundable fee of Rs 1000 per response challenged.

The likely dates for various events pertaining to NEET 2018 are as under:-

  1. Display of NEET OMR Sheet – In the beginning of the last week of May 2018
  2. Period for challenging the responses in OMR Sheet – Two days from the date of display of the OMR Sheet
  3. Release of NEET Official Answer Key- Towards the end of last week of May 2018
  4. Period for challenging the responses in Official Key – Two days from the date of display of the official Answer Key
  5. Date of declaration of results of NEET 2018 – 05 June 2018 by 1700h

Procedure for challenging the responses to OMR sheet or the Final Answer Key

  1. Go to CBSE NEET website cbseneet.nic.in
  2. Enter your registration number and password provided at the time of filling NEET 2018 application form
  3. Then, click on the tab of ‘Key Challenge’ to COMMENCE the process of challenging responses given in official answer key of NEET 2018
  4. Select your ‘Test Booklet Code’ which is same as the NEET 2018 question paper code.
  5. Select the question/questions whose answer/answers you wish to challenge and click on ‘submit’.
  6. Now, as per your information, knowledge, select the answer/answers which is/are correct for every question you chose to challenge. You can also put your comments for justifying or explaining the reasons for your challenging the CBSE response to be incorrect and also the reasons for the answer proposed by you is correct. These remarks are however, not mandatory.
  7. Thereafter click on ‘Confirm’ Tab and make the payment of requisite answer key for successfully submitting the challenges. For every answer challenged in official answer key of NEET 2018, one will be required to pay INR 1,000/- per response challenged.
  8. Finally do not forget to print the confirmation slip of payment as it appears on the screen.

The Aftermath- What should you do?

Most of the professional colleges and coaching institutes have displayed their respective solutions and unofficial answer keys code-wise have been put up by them on their respective websites. By and Large they all tally and hence the final official answer key may be somewhat similar.

Based upon these inputs you may have assessed your performance quite accurately and by now you may have become aware of your prospects.

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