Mari State University Ready To Accept 3,000 Indian MBBS Students From Ukraine

August 20, 2022

Mari State University, one of the leading medical universities in Russia, recently announced to accommodate 3,000 Ukraine returned Indian students at the university. The news brought big relief to Indian students who are seeking university transfer from Ukraine as their medical studies were disturbed due to the crisis in the country and they had to return to India. The top medical university has come to the rescue of Indian students from Ukraine who have no option to study MBBS in India and allowed them to resume their studies again offering international exposure. 

The news was made public by Prof. Shvetsov Mikhail N., Rector of Mari State University, during a live session of Rus Education. The session was specially organized for Indian students seeking transfer from Ukraine universities to other foreign universities to continue their medical education. Dr. Dinesh Singla, Director of Rus Education, took this live session forward with the Rector of Mari State University and appreciated the efforts of the university in supporting Indian students in such difficult times. 

Due to the increasing geopolitical tension in Ukraine, 20,000 Indian students studying MBBS in the universities/institutes had to Ukraine returned to India without completing their medical courses. This proved to be a major setback in their medical careers and they turned for help in their home country. When NMC declared that Ukraine-returned Indian students will not be given admissions to Indian medical colleges, their hope was shattered and the only option left to them is to resume their medical studies in foreign medical universities.

The rector of Mari State University has given assurance of his complete support to Indian students from Ukraine and has opened the gates of the university for them to complete their remaining medical studies at the university. Moreover, he also stated that Mari State University is a genuinely international university where international students from 47 countries, including 1100+ Indian students, are pursuing medical education. This will give adequate international exposure and a positive environment to Indian students from Ukraine universities and grow and learn among them.  

Any Indian student who is back in India from Ukraine and was studying MBBS in any Ukrainian medical university can contact Rus Education, the exclusive university’s admission partner in India, to resume their MBBS in Russia at Mari State University. Mari State University is ready to offer MBBS admission in Russia to Indian students with their online transcripts to simplify the admission process for them. 

You can get in touch with Rus Education at their toll-free student helpline number 1800-833-33-38 for more information.