Foreign Citizens Can Now Easily Get Russian Residence Permit

Foreign Citizens Can Now Easily Get Russian Residence Permit
July 18, 2022
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A great news for all students who wish to study in Russia and pursue their higher education in top Russian government universities. The State Duma (Russian Parliament), commonly abbreviated in Russian as Gosduma, adopted the amendment of the Federal law on 5th July 2022 regarding issuing the Residence Permits to Foreign citizens. The amended law governs the definition of the terms of gaining the temporary and permanent residence of the foreign national, who are either studying in Russian Universities or working in Russia.

As per the previous amendment in the law, foreign citizens, who complete their Higher education in Russian universities, were able to apply for residence permit after completing 1 year of employment in Russia. The amended federal law would now enable the foreign students, pursuing full time education in the top government Russian Universities, to get temporary residence permits during the course of their education. The foreign citizens who graduate from Russian Universities, can also apply for permanent residence permit directly after the successful completion of their degree from the university. 

The amendment was further approved by the Federation Council on 8th July 2022 and signed by the Russian President, Mr. Vladimir Putin. In addition to redefining the residency, for the medical students studying MBBS in Russia, the law also mentions the other procedures required to get the residence permit which include a medical examination and biometric registration of individuals along with the details of duration of stay required to file for residence permit.

The new amendment of the federal law determines the terms of providing the temporary residence in the territory of the Russian Federation to the children of foreign citizens, who have not reached the age of eighteen, including adopted children or those who are under guardianship.

In addition, for the foreign nationals who have invested in the Russian Federation (such as for studying MBBS in Russia) and meets the criteria as established by the Government of the Russian Federation, the amendment further illustrates the provision of preferences in terms of issuing the permanent residence directly without going through the procedure for filing in for the temporary residence permit. This also includes the citizens who have moved or are moving to their permanent place of residence on the geographical and political territory of the Russian Federation.