Indian Medical Students in Russia Celebrated Diwali 2022

November 1, 2022

Diwali is one of the grand and highly anticipated festivals for the people of India. Traditionally, the festival is a warm celebration of lights, joys and happiness. As the country celebrated the festival, Rus Education arranged a grand Diwali celebration for all the Indian students studying in top government medical universities of Russia on 24th October 2022. 

Rus Education in collaboration with several Russian medical universities namely Perm State Medical University, Mari State University and Orenburg State Medical University organised a grand scale Diwali celebration at the universities. 

The celebration was joined by several prominent figures including, Prof. Shvetsov Mikhail, Rector, Mr Rohit Choudhary, Representative of Indian students; Mari State University; Ms Anna Mikhaylovna Bocharova, Pro- Rector and Dr Vikas Saxena, Vice Dean; Perm State Medical University. 

Indian students along with their Russian friends actively participated in the celebrations. The students were decked up in the traditional Indian attires. The festivities commence with the traditional pooja and sang the songs of praises for Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi. The entire venue was decorated with sparkling lights, colourful flowers and lit diyas.  

The celebration then witnessed the exciting performances from the students of the university who proudly showed off their grooves, further adding to the bling of the celebrations. The students performed on the peppy tunes along with their new friends. The students enjoyed the colourful fire sparklers and crackers towards the end of the event. 

This grand celebration was one of the many festivities for various Indian medical students who have recently joined Russia for their MBBS studies. This also included the hundreds of former Ukraine returned medical students who celebrated the festivals with their new family members.

The three universities broadcasted the celebration on all the social media platforms with which the parents associated also joined the celebration from India.

The celebration once again reaffirmed the cross-cultural associations between the two countries, giving the students an opportunity to celebrate Indian festivals in Russia.