Diving in deeper for MBBS Study in Russia

mbbs in russia
June 11, 2021
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On 10th June 2021, at 5:00 PM IST, the team of Rus Education in association with Russian House in New Delhi (Cultural Department of Embassy of Russian Federation in India). hosted a webinar “Study MBBS in Russia” where the leadership of the top medical universities of Russia participated along with prominent figures from the Russian government, Embassy of Russian Federation in India, and Russian House, New Delhi, to provide first-hand information and answers to the questions regarding academics, facilities and other admission related queries.

The webinar marked the participation of Mr. Vereemenko Sergey (Member of the Russian State Duma), Mr. Mikhail Ktitiorov (Counsellor Education, Embassy of Russian Federation in India), Mr. Igor Miroschnichenko (Rector, Orenburg State Medical University), Mr. Mikhail Nikolaevich Shvetsov, (Rector, Mari State University), Ms. Natalia Vitalievna Minayeva (Rector Perm State Medical University), Prof. Sayed Kamruzzamman (Founder, Rus Education), Mr. Shagap Vasiliy Andreevich, (Acting Director, Russian House, New Delhi), Ms. Elena Barman (Head Education Department, Russian House), Dr. Dinesh Singla (Director, Rus Education), and Air Marshal (Retd.) Dr. Pawan Kapoor (Vice Chairman, Rus Education).

Mr. Vremeenko Sergey pledged to support not only all the aspiring doctors looking to start their journey but also the universities if they face any challenges. He stated that he will help continue the admissions process in Russia and the pandemic should not affect the export of Russian Education to Indian students. Dr. Pawan Kapoor gave an insight into Rus Education, and the facilities provided to students getting admissions in various top medical Universities of Russia. He also mentioned that almost 5000 Indian students are already studying in Perm, Orenburg, and Mari through Rus Education.

Transparency in admission procedures and giving correct information to students is the focus of Rus Education. The counselor Education Mr. Ktitiorov unfolded the Educational desire of Indian students to go to Russia due to their high-quality education, universal facilities, and staff, and respect for Indian Culture. He also welcomed the students and assured full support of the Embassy of Russian Federation in India.

The Rector of Perm showcased the trust between the university and students by telling of how the first student in the university in the year 1996 was an Indian, who is currently shining in the field of medicine and owns a private clinic. The university also has shown excellent result in the Indian screening exam. University has also taken all necessary actions for the safety of students in the current pandemic situation.

Rector of Mari State University, Prof. Mikhail Shvetsov brought out the fact that almost 1000 Indian students are a part of MarSU. The university helps to make a home away from home for Indian students by organizing events for them and providing them with extra-curricular activities. He also assured that safety of students in pandemic is the top priority of the university and all steps necessary have been taken to ensure the same. The dean of Orenburg State Medical university Dr. Anton Mironchiev, proudly presented the achievements of pass-outs of universities in Indian healthcare establishments. Students from the university have shown excellent results in the Indian screening examinations as the university has provided coaching for the students and the exam syllabus has been incorporated into the university curriculum.

The co-host of the event, Russian House in New Delhi represented by acting Director Mr. Shagap Vasiliy, assured their continuous support for the students. Mr. Vasiliy stated that Russian House is committed to providing information about Russian Universities and facilitating the smooth admission procedure for students keeping all the safety precautions for COVID 19. Russian House will keep arranging such events to increase awareness about Russian universities and Education system. Russian House also declared that the annual Russian Education Fair will be organized on 19th and 20th June, 2021.

In the end, Director of Rus Education, Dr. Dinesh Singla, thanks all the guests who joined the webinar. He also reiterated the commitment of Rus Education to provide complete information of Russian universities and the facilities being provided for all Indian students. The webinar ended with a question and answer session where all questions of students were answered by Dr. Dinesh Singla and all doubts of students were cleared.