Ms. Pramila Jattayan

Rus Education

Ms. Pramila Jattayan

Assistant Director

Ms. Pramila Jattayan graduated as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with dual degrees in Marketing and Human Resource. Her active and enthusiastic personality and unique skillsets landed her at Rus Education in 2010. She joined the organization to cultivate on-the-job learning programs and help other members of the team to enhance their knowledge and skills to grow as an individual and as an organization. Her endeavors, well-informed perspectives, and dedication for educating young minds about the healthcare needs of the nation and what the world needs for a better and healthy living makes her a unique person. She dedicates her efforts towards spreading awareness on medical education, the need for more doctors in the world, and how we can breakthrough this challenge. In recognition of her continuous efforts and contributions to the vision of empowering aspiring doctors, she rose to the position of Assistant Director of Rus Education in 2017. With her new leadership role, she stands as an indelible pillar of Rus Education's vision of helping each and every of the medical aspirants in India get a quality medical education and become exceptional doctors by making sure that every aspiring doctor in India is guided in the right direction to achieve their dreams.

It has been an honor to see many curious and innovative minds opting for a career in medicine. The healthcare system in India needs more doctors. Becoming a doctor is one of the greatest decisions to help the nation and the world to improve the healthcare system and empower people to lead a healthy and prosperous life. So, I want to encourage the young people of India, never give up on your dreams and push forward to achieve your goals. Be committed and passionate about this noblest profession. Together we can build Ayushman Bharat and an Ayushman World.