Ms. Elena Barman

Ms. Elena Barman


Indian students have a valid reason for going in for higher studies in Russian universities. Our educational system is recognised throughout the world for its elaborate and unique features. Moreover, Indian students would be provided with an environment in which they would be made to feel at home. Parents can contact the universities in which their children are studying. If they are keen, we would also make arrangements for them to travel to these universities so that they can sample the kind of accommodation and cuisines we are offering. They can stay in the campus and clarify their apprehensions.This is the reason why we are hosting ‘Russian Education Fair’ Every year in India.The fair seeks to inform students about the availability of courses available in Russia’s top universities and academies. It serves as a one-stop solution for all education queries and opportunities available in Russia.

We would assess the financial background of the students and then offer them courses suitable to their budget. We will give details about the visa procedure and phone numbers of former students. Students need to understand that the standard of higher education in Russia is considered to be one of the most advanced. Our faculties comprise highly qualified scientists and professors

Seeing young and beautiful minds of India heading towards the noblest profession in the world makes me proud and gives me immense happiness. It has been an honor to see many curious and innovative minds opting for a career in medicine. The healthcare system in India needs more doctors. Becoming a doctor is one of the greatest decisions to help the nation and the world to improve the healthcare system and empower people to lead a healthy and prosperous life. So, I want to encourage the young people of India, never give up on your dreams and push forward to achieve your goals. Be committed and passionate about this noblest profession. I just want to say that you people are the future of India and you are only one who can change the Indian healthcare system. Be a great doctor who is always ready to serve its nation and its people. Never feel hesitant to accept challenges as these challenges will bring the best out of you and will make you shine. So my dear students, stay dedicated and committed to your goals.