Promobot In Training Students: Perm State Medical University

Promobot In Training Students: Perm State Medical University

NEET 2019

At Perm State Medical University, students are trained in various ways of patient – doctor interaction. Through simulation-based learning, students are able to learn as close to reality as possible.

Promobot has become an integral part of many known areas of work. In today's generation, Promobot has also become an important part of the educational field. Earlier, Promobot was implemented as an educational platform and training device for the students. Now it is also used for their examinations.

This Promobot(Robot) has been named Yuri, after the prominent Russian cosmonaut Yuri Alexeevich Gagarin.

Perm state Medical University hosts around 1000 Indian students. Promobot benefits Indian students persuing MBBS by giving real time patient-doctor exposure which is easier to communicate and get hands on training on clinical subjects.

Administration of Perm Sate Medical University has decided to use Promobot for training of Indian Students studying MBBS in their University. Indian Students of PSMU will not only give exams on Promobot but also will be trained in clinical subjects and will get hands on exposure to the latest technology available for training in medical universities. PSMU is not only the best medical university of Russia but also the first preference for Indian students looking to study MBBS in Russia.

The essential role of a Promobot

NEET 2019

The graduate students must receive accreditation (final exam) in order to practice medicine. The main aim of using Promobot for training procedure is to confirm the student's qualifications in the field of medicine to the accreditation council.

Promobots help the students at the university with their accreditation process. Students and the robot interact with each other. The robot looks very similar to humans and can mimic the symptoms of a patient while interacting with the doctor.

Process of Work

The Robot analyzes the questions asked by the students according to the clinical recommendations. It then evaluates the student's performance and what treatment is prescribed. The obtained results and student's performance history are sent to the professors at the university, for further review.

Since the accreditation exams occur once a year, the university has decided to put the robot to use for conducting several tests and course tasks at the university.

Stress Test

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The robot is used to train the students by having a visual identification of a patient that can help the students learn more and become more confident with their tasks.

Often times, patients feel unsatisfied with the quality of communication rather than the quality of treatment. The presence of Promobot enables the students to control and guide their conversation in a proper manner.