PSMU Rector and Pro-Rector’s Visit to Max Hospital, India

May 20, 2023

On their second day of visit to India, Prof. Blagonravova Anna Sergeevna, the Rector of Perm State Medical University (PSMU), and Ms. Bocharova Anna Mikhailovna, the Pro-Rector, along with Air Marshal (Dr.) Pawan Kapoor and Dr. Dinesh Singla from Rus Education, visited Max Hospital. The purpose of their visit was to assess facilities provided to PSMU medical students during their summer observership and to meet with Max Hospital’s administration, including Dr. Vinita Mittal, General Manager of Academics.

During the visit, the delegation evaluated the facilities available for PSMU students, aiming to enhance educational programs and training opportunities. Discussions with Max Hospital’s administration centered around further collaboration and improvement in medical education for Indian Students of Perm State Medical University.

This visit holds significant importance, strengthening the bond between PSMU and Max Hospital while promoting advancements in medical training and student experiences.