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The largest institute of Higher Education in Orenburg region is Orenburg State University. The facilities provided in the university are best for training, research and cultural centres. This has significantly helped in advancing the educational services at multiple levels.

The faculty of Orenburg State University(OSU) is highly skilled to provide the best education in the region. This is visible by observing the academic details of more than 800 members of the staff, who have either a doctorate in science or have necessary skills to educate the students in science stream.

More than 14000 students are enrolled in the various student body associations across the main campus. Thus, new technology and innovations are actively used by the faculty to provide professional training and encourage strong focus on scientific research.

To facilitate the ultimate aim of inculcating inquisitive habits among students, high-speed internet within modern laboratories and a fully equipped library serves almost 27000 visitors.

In addition to this the structure of the University is divided into:

  • Six scientific & development institutes
  • Multiple Scientific Laboratories & centres

These centres are well equipped with instruments to pursue research in 33 different disciplines which are relevant to the scientific and engineering developments across the world.

OSU also maintains a meteorological station, a vivarium and a botanical garden for the convenience and holistic advancements of the students. In addition to this there are five successfully operating Doctoral Dissertation Councils to facilitate the students.

The opportunities provided to the students are intensive and prolific in nature.

The university advocates the students to learn by experiments and implementing it in local enterprises to give them the viability of the innovations in the real world.

This also help the students to procure employment from the leading companies and organizations of Orenburg and lead a successful career.

This methodology has also contributed significantly between the relationship of Orenburg State University and international partners in Finland, USA, Japan, Germany, France, Kazakhstan and other adjoining CIS countries. The students are actively adapting to the changes in the era of globalization and making significant advances by each passing day.

Having said that, the Orenburg State University understands the reality and has created special educational-friendly environment for the students to make the entire system - sustainable based on the string traditions of the region. It has also helped in continually striving the academic potential of the students by focusing on their development through sports, cultural and social activities year-round.

OSU’s social infrastructure combined with Students Centre Palace of Culture - Russia, Sports Centre - Penguin, Sports Centre, Gymnasium, Students Polyclinic, accommodation and excellent food services within the campus allow the students to single-handedly focus on their career goals and scale new heights.

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Orenburg State University
Orenburg State University
Orenburg State University
Orenburg State University