Guidelines for Employees on Covid-19

March 23, 2020
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Following measures have been taken at our workplace to reduce the spread of Coronavirus among our employees:

  1. Hand Hygiene is important. Any dirt or any infective elements present on the hands can easily spread to our mouth, nose, eyes while touching these parts of the face. All employees are taught to wash their hands frequently with soap and water thoroughly.
  2. Sanitizers are provided at the workplace and all employees are educated about their use.
  3. Observing respiratory hygiene in terms of sneezing and coughing, covering of mouth and nose with tissues and disposal of tissues in a closed lid dustbin.
  4. Maintaining social distancing at least one meter away from other people can stop the spread of Coronavirus. Also, refrain from socializing and visiting crowded areas like religious institutions, weddings, etc.
  5. Anybody having symptoms suggestive of seasonal flu to stay at home and if he or she develops respiratory symptoms in terms of shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing, persistent cough, sore throat, and fever are requested to report to the doctor in their vicinity immediately.
  6. Obtaining authentic and verified information from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare website, WHO, and CDC Atlanta website to remain updated on the latest news on Coronavirus.
  7. Avoid spreading wrong information through Social Media or any other source.

Employees are advised to stay alert and to take care of themselves and their family members.