National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”

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  National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”

MEPHI is a well-known Russian University which has improved its positions on the global educational arena. MEPHI is takes full pride of its skilled and experienced professionals in engineering and science who had been graduated from this University.

In 1942, the university was founded by the eminent members to encourage students pursue specialised education and achieve greater goals. Multiple research activities were conducted in the coming years and as a result Nobel laureates associated in the formation of the university defined the building blocks of education system in the country.

The basic ingredients used in the formation of this MEPHI were Openness in Culture, Innovation in the Methodology and giving an International Approach to the Curriculum. This helps in bringing out the knowledge among students to pursue innovations by distributing the information to address the challenges faced by the world in 21st Century. It also helps to provide Russia with the necessary transformations through innovation and contributing significantly to the development of the country. This will also help in making Russia competitive in the race of global energy as well as non-energy high-tech requirements.

By virtue of all these advancements, MEPHI has entered into numerous scientific collaborations with big organizations of repute like:

  • ALAS ALICE on the large hadron collider better known as CERN.
  • STAR & PHENIX at Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA
  • GLUEX at Jefferson Laboratory, USA
  • FAIR, Germany
  • BELL II & ILC, Japan
  • NA61/SHINE part of CERN
  • DARKSIDE, Italy

Furthermore, MEPHI also participates in various other scientific collaborations with

  • DESY Synchrotron Centre
  • Russian- Italian collaboration in PAMELA & ARINA experiments
  • Russian-European experiments like KORONAS, PHOTON
  • International experimental thermonuclear reactor ITER.

Thus, more than 200 fields have been significantly advanced with the help of trained engineers and scientists graduated from MEPHI.

Pragmatically speaking, many employment oriented courses that are popular among the students applying in the University are:

  • Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies
  • Radiation and beam technologies
  • Nuclear Medicine & Medical physics
  • Super-conductivity and controlled thermo-nuclear fusion
  • Bio-physics & Ecology
  • Information security

Various complex issues in high-priority fields have been actively solved by the faculty and students from MEPHI. Their area of interest lies in diverse fields like IT, innovation management, ecology, medicine, nanotechnology, energy etc.

Real impact in the society has been brought by the active contributions from students and faculty of the new MEPHI Strategic Academic Units. This unit has accelerated the discoveries by bringing the traditional departments together, through noticeable efforts. The University also helps in every kind of collaboration between branches spread in the campus, researchers and students from various discipline.

A unique combination of teaching, research and innovation is the fuel of enthusiasm among the students. The curriculum is blended with research from the beginning and participation in research projects is mandatory from third year. Research on viable topics is conducted by the students of Final Year, Master Level and Postgraduate Level at University Laboratories, other departments and scientific centers.

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