Myths And Facts About Studying Abroad

High Fees in Private Medical Universities Account for Low Quality Intake


No doubt that studying in abroad is generally higher than studying in India. The expenses will vary depending on various factors such as the University, duration of the course, location and so on. However, if you finance well with complete planning, your dream of studying abroad will not seem like a burden at all. Act cautiously and skip out on superfluous expenses by being practical and minimalistic. Moreover, you can become involved in on-campus jobs, research assistance, teaching assistance, and other options to add bells-and-whistles to your income. After completing your education from abroad, there are numerous opportunities to work with some high profile, leading organizations in abroad as well as in India.


With so much mishappening all across the globe, like increasing cases of terrorism globally, there is a natural concern and fear among the parents about sending their children far away from them in a new place to study abroad. The International Universities comprehend the concern for safety and therefore, they have strict protocols to ensure the students’ safety every time. In addition, some of the International Universities also perform intensive crash courses, have exclusive orientation sessions, and also offer handbooks so that the International students get acquainted with the new place and its culture.

Communicating with other Foreigners

Most of the International Universities have the English language as the medium of instruction. But before applying, keep a check on the language pre-requisites or criteria followed by your University. Before hitting the ground running, you can listen to various audios that will help you in understanding the foreign accents, their tongue as well as speech modulation. Take this as an additional chance to learn a new language or different English in a foreign country. To acquire a language in a natural context, it is the most effective and efficient way of learning a new language. In addition, you will accomplish almost native fluency in English that would enrich your communication skills.

Not Going Back to Homeland

Studying Abroad goes beyond academics and sharpens your personality as well as skills. It supports you to get out of your comfort zone and acclimate to a complete different culture. Studying Abroad will not only limit your growth on professional basis but it will also help you growing personally. With its top-class academics and facilities, practice-based learning, career-focused courses and a global student community opens very many opportunities for all the students. The overall experience will help you discover and understand yourself, your career as well as your culture in an altogether new perspective. After graduating, you will get ample of opportunities both at home country and worldwide.

Indian students get neglected

At International Universities, professors are like mentors to each and every student. They are very approachable to assist students anytime, anywhere to resolve issues and confusions related to academics. The education culture in International Universities is based on creating a conductive educational ambience and the ideology of unhindered learning. These professors believe that for effective learning, there is no way students should feel afraid of asking any queries. In past, there were many Indians who have gone to abroad and have gained immensely.

Employers Do Not Value Foreign Degrees

Employers are always seeking for variety in the organization. This is the reason why they always focus on cross-culture promotion. If you can prove to the employer that you have the required skills that the organization is seeking for, the employer will definitely going to value your foreign degree. They will be interested to see how your foreign degree can assist their organization in the long run.

It’s all about party and fun

It’s not about partying and having fun when you are studying in abroad rather it’s about learning new things, studying, and building valuable skills. Studying in Foreign University develops personal horizons while opening up a world full of professional and personal opportunities. It is a serious affair which further challenges a student on a personal level and have an influence on their academic career. The students also get chance to learn about different education systems as well as different approaches of teaching. All of this will lead to develop new ideas and beliefs among the aspirants once they have an opportunity to experience an alternative perspective.