RUS EDUCATION is the only organization authorized by Russian Centre for Science and Culture (Cultural Department of The Embassy of Russian Federation in India) to provide admission to Indian students in top Russian universities.

At Rus Education we give comprehensive information about studying abroad, commitment of best service and personalized approach to the aspiring students, makes us number one in this field.

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Support from Rus Education

1. Provide with complete and up- to-date information about the University with regard to the programmes, course structure, fee schedules, admissions policies and other important aspects so as to assist in the proper counseling of prospective students.

2. Provide with adequate stock of current prospectus, information leaflets, application forms and other useful promotional materials.

3. Answer every inquiries and send all correspondences and related documents promptly via the most efficient means.

4. Provide the complete marketing support wherever required as per the contract.

5. Encouraging Partners for good number of admissions by taking part in the seminars conducted by them,

6. Regular follow up and suggestions for the smooth process

7. Sharing Students Referral for maximum conversions

8. Provide complete support in completing the documentation work of students

9. Arrange the visit of Delegation as per the requirement of the Partner

"Rus Education assures full support to the partners."

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    Culture Department of Russian Embassy 24, Firoz Shah Road, Near Mandi House New Delhi -01