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Belgorod State University is known to be one of the oldest universities of Belgorod. In the Belgorod region, it is considered to be the largest University. Belgorod State University was founded in the year 1876 as a pedagogical institute.

In the year 1919, Belgorod Institute was reformed into Belgorod Pedagogical Institute. In 1920, Belgorod Pedagogical Institute was changed into Belgorod Institute of Education. However, in 1923, the Belgorod Institute of Education was restructured into Pedagogical College. In 1939, it was named as Belgorod State Pedagogical Institute. In the year 1967, the Belgorod State Pedagogical Institute named after the renowned MS Olminskogo and named as Belgorod State Pedagogical University.

The Faculty of Economic and Financial Institute of the Russian State Committee for Higher Education and the Medical College of Belgorod in Belgorod region became a top-notch university which is today known as Belgorod State University. Belgorod State University secures 37th position among the top 100 universities in the national ranking of universities.

At present, Belgorod State University has 25,000 students from over 85 regions of Russia. Out of these, there are 1800 foreign students from about 76 countries. There are 98 departments, 74 research centers and laboratories, 72 faculty and institutes, and 2 branches of the University.

At present, the University is providing 58 Post-graduate (PhD) degree programs in 30 scientific areas, 53 master's degree programs, 34 residency training programs and 20 internship programs (the latter two for medical graduates), 7 higher doctorate programs. There are 53 areas of research in which the scientists of the University are presently engaged in. Since 2016, there are 15 Dissertation Councils at the University.

At this time, the university is an global socio-cultural base. The campus put together 4 dormitories which is accommodating more than 3,000 students from different countries. All international students live in comfortable and cozy dormitories. There, they have the access to various activities such as fitness and dance centers, student’s café and chess club. Belgorod State National Research University was ranked 30th among 103 Russian State Universities and about 500 branches, associated with the rating.