Orenburg State Medical University: Top 100 of the Best Universities in Russia 2018 in the Opinion of Forbes

Orenburg State Medical University: Top 100 of the Best Universities in Russia 2018 in the Opinion of Forbes

In the month of June, the editors of Forbes magazine published the first rating of the best Universities in Russia. The rating methodology of top 100 of the best Universities of Russia was based on the quality of education, the quality of graduates and the Forbes factor.

The data was used as a basis for monitoring the performance of over 600 institutions of higher education prepared by the Ministry of Education. The evaluation took place not only on the basis of quality education, but also statistical data on the employment of graduates, their relevance in the regions, and the number of entrepreneurs among them. Forbes also studied biographies of over 1,600 representatives of the Russian elite - members of the Forbes list and their children, heads of private and state companies, officials and deputies.

Thus, universities are analyzed in ten metrics and evaluated into three components, i.e. the quality of education (maximum 50 points), the quality of graduates (maximum 30 points) and the Forbes factor, which takes into account the "elite" of the institution and the share of entrepreneurs in the total number of graduates (maximum 20 points).

The rating doesn’t comprises of universities that are under the jurisdiction of the law enforcement agencies - the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB and others, since they don’t report to the Ministry of Education and there is no monitoring of their activities.

In the final list of universities, there were also highly specialized universities with one or two specialties like the New Economic School, which in the end ranked first with the highest score - 50.73 points out of 100 possible. NES turned out to be the highest in terms of requirements for entrants, educational activities and the level of salaries of teaching staff.

Based on the results of the ranking of the top 100, the Orenburg State Medical University secured 61st position. It should be noted that Orenburg State Medical University is ranked 4th out of 9 Russian Medical Universities. Ahead of OSMU, there were Kursk State Medical University (32 line rating), the First Moscow State Medical University, IM Sechenov (34th) & the North-West State Medical University, I.I. Mechnicov (37th).