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Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Since 1946

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About University

 I. M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University

Founded in 1951, Moscow Institute of Physics And Technology (MIPT) is one of the most prestigious institutions of research and education all across the globe. MIPT is the leading technical university in the country, which is included in prestigious rankings of the best universities in the world. We have educational programs in the fields of fundamental and applied physics, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, biology, computer technologies and other natural and fundamental sciences. Today, MIPT is the advanced research center.

Moscow Institute of Physics And Technology (MIPT) was established by Nobel laureates Pyotr Kapitsa, NikolaySemyonov and Lev Landau. It trains highly qualified specialists in theoretical and applied physics, applied mathematics, informatics, biotechnology, and related disciplines. MIPT is also known as Phystech informally.

Courses Offered

Computer Science

The computer science program is based on the foundations of computational and programming theory. It provides the knowledge and skills that serve as a solid foundation for effectively applying digital processes to the issues of broad interest to the global society. The course also offers opportunities in undergraduate research and international study.

This program provides a spontaneous as well as flexible set of courses. This enables a student to create an outstanding future inthe area of computer science.

The objective of the program is to train highly qualified specialists in the field of programming. Ranging from discrete mathematics to internet technology, our students are engaged in research and fundamental studies in these fields.

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering is a fundamental branch of engineering which is concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft.

Aerospace Engineering provides students with the knowledge and practical skills that are important for the development and production of aerospace systems. In addition, it includes the principles of microeconomics and structures, the study of specialized modules in aircraft performance, includingadvanced aerodynamics, electives in the mechanics of deformable bodies, aviation and space flight.

MIPT offers a degree that is well-placed for career opportunities in the aerospace industry, along with the positions in private companies, public sector, as well as graduate schools.

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is an undergraduate degree program for students who wish to be equipped with the tools for becoming leaders in the field of biomedical engineering in the 21st century.

The course provides a solid foundation in fundamental engineering, mathematics, and the natural sciences: biology, chemistry, and physics. The objects of professional training on the biomedical engineering bachelor’s program are devices, systems, complexes, and basic medical technologies, as well as methods of research, information processing in practical health care and various fields of biomedical research.


Radio Engineering and Cybernetics

General and Applied Physics

Aerophysics and Space Research

Molecular and Biological Physics

Physical and Quantum Electronics

Aeromechanics and Flight Engineering

Applied Mathematics and Control

Problems of Physics and Power Engineering

Innovation and High Technology

Nano-, Bio-, Information and Cognitive Technologies

Student life

Student life at MIPT is rich and diverse. Students actively combine educational activities with sports, participation in cultural events, as well as their creative endeavours. The administration at the institute strongly supports this initiative and cares about the welfare of its students. Thus, it is constantly working to expand the campus and interests of students.

Cultural, sporting and creative development of students is facilitated by a variety of student organizations.

Dedicating their lives to learning and science, many students are active participants in competitions and make significant progress in science.

City at a Glance

The average cost of living is : 400 USD

Course Offered Duration Degree Awarded Standard Tuition Fee(Per Year) Language of Instruction
RUB Dollar
Computer Science 4 years (8 Semesters) Bachelor of Science 400 000 6400(Approx.) English
Aerospace Engineering 4 years (8 Semesters) Bachelor of Science 400 000 6400 (Approx.) English
Biomedical Engineering 4 years (8 Semesters) Bachelor of Science 400 000 6400(Approx.) English
**Hostel facility is available in the MIPT Campus**
1 RMB = INR 1/- (Approx. For calculation purposes only).
→ The student has to pay as per the exchange rate from time to time & as mentioned in Admission Letter.
→Food Expenses as per Individual Students need.
→One time charges & Misc. Charges include Physical Examination, Registration Fees, Health Insurance, Books & Study Material, Residence Permit.
→The Fees Structure may change as per direction of the university from time to time.
→Hostel Charge depends on the available rooms/accommodation type.
→Though due care is taken while preparing this Fee Structure chart, there may be changes in the Fees depending on the circumstances and University updates, kindly confirm the University details and fee details through our reliable sources.
→Before leaving for Russia the student is required to convert the first year expenses to be paid to Universities in RMB through Rus Education.